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Friday, January 05, 2018

Freezing Temperatures Hit Florida, And Frozen Iguanas Are Falling From The Trees

Happy Orlando Iguana

If you're planning on visiting the Orlando area soon, and you've been monitoring the local forecasts, then you've probably been stunned at some of the reports.  For example, early morning temperatures have hit freezing temperatures.  When considering the wind chill factor, those temperatures are much lower.  Now, I don't know about everyone else, but I certainly wouldn't travel to Orlando for a vacation and expect to have a lovely January morning in New England.  So, just how low and how long will these conditions last, and when can we expect "normal" Florida weather to return?  The good news is... very soon!

Candace Campos, of News 6 WKMG Orlando, reported the following brutally cold morning temperatures recorded in central Orlando...

How are these temperatures affecting people?  Well, just look at what they're doing to the poor iguanas... they are freezing into immobility and falling from the trees!

Fortunately, Frank did later tweet that this iguana was warmed in the glorious Florida sun, and walked himself to cover later in the day.

Candace has good news for us though.  Orlando temperatures are expected to climb into the mid 60's by Sunday, and back into the 70's by Monday.

Thanks goodness!  Hope to see you all in sunny Florida soon!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Happy New Year! From all of us in Orlando...

Happy New Year from all of us in Orlando.  We wish all our friends and readers a safe, happy, and prosperous 2018.

For all of you battling the storm up in the Northeast, please stay safe and warm.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Disney Buys Fox Movie Television Studio

Disney Buys Fox Movie and Television Studio

The rumors have been swirling, and now it's become a reality.  Disney has acquired a treasure trove of assets from Fox, primarily from their Movie and Television Studio.  This may not seem like such a big deal when the regular person hears about it, but, if they're a fan of anything Disney or Fox related, then there are huge implications here.  Like what, you ask?

How about Deadpool and Iron Man now being able to be in the same film. 

Or, how about the rights to Star Wars episodes I, II, III, IV, V, and VI all being under the same ownership, and the long-awaiting full box set finally being released.  If you don't know why that's never happened, it's because a rights deal was made with episode IV, keeping it separate from the other films.

In 2019 Disney plans to launch its own streaming service, and, around the same time, will be pulling all of their films and shows off of Netflix.  So, what additional content will this Fox deal now enable Disney to add to this service?  Let's take a look:
Movie Franchises - Avatar, Star Wars, Deadpool, X-Men, etc.
T.V. Shows - The Simpsons, Family Guy, Modern Family, X-Files, American Horror Story, Fargo, It's Always Sunny, etc.

Disney already owns ESPN, and in a short while they will be launching a sports streaming service.  Could the Fox deal add any content here?  It sure can, with Fox's 22 channel Regional Sports Network. 

One final interesting piece of this deal involves Hulu.  Disney ownes a 30% stake, while Fox also owned a 30% stake.  Now, however, Disney owns a commanding 60%.  We'll have to wait and see how this affects the service.

It will be interesting to watch how Disney utilizes everything they're now acquiring.  All we can hope is that it enriches our access to our favorite films, shows, and entertainment.  No matter what you're into, you've got a stake in this game!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Disney World's Least Crowded And Cheapest Months Are Coming Up

There was an excellent article that was just published, by Travel + Leisure, which discussed the better times of year to visit the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as the not so great times.  When considering the criteria for making their judgements, they evaluated travel expenses, pricing at both on-site and off-site Disney World properties, the volume of visitors in the parks, and, of course, the price of park tickets.

Best Disney World Days
(Matt Stroshane/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

They found some very interesting things, and their full article can be found here.  As for a couple of the good, many of the best deals of the year can be found in the first two months after the New Year, coming right around the corner.  During this time, park volume is way down, and discounts at both Disney property hotels, and off-site hotels, are approaching 50%.  However, that doesn't mean it's a steal of a deal for the whole two months.  Visitors will want to avoid the Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend, as well as February's school vacation week.  Check out the article for more information.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cyber Week Deals Are Almost Over

It's been a crazy start to the holiday online shopping season.  On the national level both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales volumes have surpassed last years figures, and set new records.
DW Tickets Cyber Sales
DW Tickets is continuing to run our Cyber Week discounts through November 30th.  However, to obtain the necessary discount ticket code for the DW Savers specials, you'll either have to join our newsletter, or, EVEN SIMPLER, just go to the site and wait for the pop up to appear on your screen.  It only takes 10 seconds!

We hope that everyone has been scoring some great deals to start the holiday season. 


Friday, November 03, 2017

Andy's backyard, AKA Toy Story Land, Releases New Details

It's one of the most anticipated additions to Walt Disney World in years.  Ever since fans of Toy Story first learned of the 11-acre addition coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios, rumors have trickled in describing the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster, Alien Swirling Saucers ride, and more.

Disney's Toy Story Land

Well, courtesy of Travel and Leisure magazine, a few more pieces of information are now known.  We know that there will be a restaurant fashioned after Woody's Lunch Box, serving delicious burgers, ice cream floats, and everything else Americana. 

Although we all have to wait until next Summer, it won't be long before we're able to be transported to Andy's backyard, and immerse ourselves in the world of toys for a day... or longer...

Check out the T&L article here.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We Asked And You Answered - Favorite New Attractions at Walt Disney World

Last month we told our subscribers about all the new cool rides and attractions that are coming to the Walt Disney World Resort.  All of this information came out of Disney's big D23 Expo event.

Well, we asked what attractions were the most appealing to our readers, and the results are in!

Drum roll please...

The makeover coming to EPCOT came in first, with the arrival of Toy Story Land coming in a close second.   And fighting hard for 3rd place were several contenders: a few Star Wars Lands attractions, Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, and the Tron ride.

Here are the full results:

New attractions at Disney World

And a few comments too:

Comments New Disney Attractions

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Survey: New Disney World Attractions and Rides - Your Favorites

Disney recently held their D23 Expo, and they announced some amazing new rides and attractions that will be hitting the parks within the next couple of years.  Many of these announcements were rumored and speculated about for quite some time, but some of them were complete surprises as well.  Most of the amazing new attractions will be coming to Disney World parks, and we want to know which of these YOU are the most excited to see and experience.

New Disney World Rides

If you aren't familiar with everything that was announced at Disney's D23, here is a great write up by USA Today that gives a brief description of them - D23 Announcements.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Disney World's Star Wars Land Has A Name... Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge

Disney World's D23 Expo announced and unveiled some super exciting attractions and events.  From an EPCOT makeover to a space themed restaurant, from a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction to a Tron ride, from Toy Story Land coming in 2018 to Disney Skyliner gondolas, and SO MUCH MORE.

Star Wars Land at Disney World

However, the news that was attracting the most attention revolved around the much anticipated Star Wars Land, which we finally learned will be called Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge.  There will be several rides, and none sound more thrilling than the Millennium Falcon where guests will assume control of the star ship and help defend the galaxy from the First Order.  Additionally, in a continued effort to have some of the coolest hotels in the World, a Star Wars themed hotel will  be opening soon.  Each room will be it's on space ship that includes windows with views of space.  Expo hosts are calling this hotel the "most experimental concept ever".

Just as with everything Disney creates, we could not be more excited to check out Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge, and all of the other new and amazing attractions coming to Disney World.  For a list of the top 23 reveals at D23, click here...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Disney World's Free Dining Plan Is Announced, And The Verdict Is In

Each year Disney World comes out with some sort of dining plan offer, and this year it involves the word "FREE".

Disney Free Dining Plan

To qualify for the free dining plan, the visitor must be staying at a Disney World hotel.  Additionally, the visitor must also upgrade to a Park Hopper ticket.
However,  some people are looking at the deal, and depending on which hotel they are staying at, the deal might not be all that it's cracked up to be.  For the lesser expensive Disney world hotels, this deal could make sense for a family (especially if they had already planned on purchasing the park hopper option, which many people do).  For the more expensive and luxurious hotels, it might be worth it to pay your own way from restaurant to restaurant. 

For a more detailed look at the offer, and analysis, click here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Adult Drinks at the Magic Kingdom? Yes, it's now a thing...

Beer and Wine at Disney World

Disney World has been so many things to so many people.  But, for visitors looking for a couple of afternoon libations, there have historically been few options.  For years, people looking for cocktails in the the four major Disney theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), had options at all of them, except the Magic Kingdom.  The most popular option was to head over to EPCOT's World Showcase.  Many visitors participate in "Drinking Around The World", where they're able to move around from country to country amongst the different pavilions.  Now however, they'll also find some alcoholic refreshments in Disney's most popular and most famous park, the Magic Kingdom.

Starting at December 23rd, 4 restaurants at the Magic Kingdom will begin selling both wine and beer during lunch and beer hours.  These 4 restaurants are Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, the Liberty Tree Tavern, Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen and Cinderella’s Royal Table.  There will also be some variations, such as champagne and sparkling wine being served at Cinderella's Royal Table. 

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