Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good bye theme parks, hello Basketball!

Orlando Magic Tickets
Well, not exactly. But why not both?
For the first time ever, DWTickets will be offering tickets to Orlando's own NBA team, the Orlando Magic. The Magic are one of the NBA's most exciting teams, with some familiar and some up and coming superstars. Players like J. J. Reddick lit up the NCAA tournament last year, and now you can catch him in his rookie season with the Magic.
Ticket pricing for the basketball games are consistent from game to game. When ordering your tickets through DWTickets, first select the price level you want. Then, during the checkout process, you will have the option to select your game's date from a drop down menu. If you would like to see a seating chart, or a schedule, just click on the appropriate link below.
There's so much to do while visiting the Orlando area, and we're just trying to keep up and offer our customers as much as we can.
Orlando Magic main page
Orlando Magic Seating Chart by Price Level
Orlando Magic 2006/07 Home Schedule


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