Monday, March 12, 2007

Orlando Flex Tickets

Happy Daylight Savings time everyone - the sun is out longer, and Spring is in the air! This is the Official DW Tickets Blog Man, and I'm here to tell you about the Orlando Flex Ticket - which is truly the greatest invention in theme park history. The Orlando Flex Ticket gives you the best bang for your buck, providing unlimited access to 4 or 5 of Florida's most popular theme parks : Universal Studios, Universal's Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Wet N Wild, and Busch Gardens. The Orlando Flex Ticket option allows you to visit any or all of these parks everyday - for 14 consecutive days! Come down to Florida and see the world's most exciting attractions for one unbeatable price - and you can visit as many parks as you desire for 14 striaght days. The Orlando Flex Ticket is the best option for people coming down to Florida for an extended vacation.

The fun and freedom that comes with having 2 full weeks of unlimited access to Central Florida attractions was practically unheard of until now. Spinning webs with Spiderman atUniversal Islands of Adventure, riding the movies at Universal Studios, chilling out on the water slides at Wet N Wild, the non-stop roller-coaster excitement of Busch Gardens in Tampa, getting splashed by Shamu at Sea World, and hitting the clubs at Universal Orlando's CityWalk is yours - all for one low price. The Orlando Flex ticket is the ultimate package deal for the theme park lovers and sets your family up for a little bit of everything. Normally it would cost thousands of dollars to spend 14 days at the theme parks, but with the Orlando Flex Ticket, you are getting 2 weeks of fun for one low price !

Orlando Flex Tickets come in two different varieties: the 4 Park Flex Ticket, which includes Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, Sea World and Wet N Wild; and the 5-Park Flex Ticket, which adds the Busch Gardens option to the flex pack. The coolest thing about your Orlando Flex Ticket is you can visit all the parks and attractions as many times as you want in the 14 days, and there are never any limitations. Most of the parks - you cannot see all in one day, so take your time and split up the trip, because with Orlando Flex tickets, you have 2 weeks of fun ahead of you. DW Tickets is the best place to purchase your Orlando Flex Tickets. The Orlando Flex Ticket is one of the most valuable, most worthwhile attraction discount passport available anywhere. To buy your Orlando Flex tickets, CLICK HERE!


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