Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Busch Gardens - Tampa

Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is one of America's most exciting roller-coaster theme parks. Every ride at Busch Gardens is a hair-raising, spine-tingling rush of adrenaline-pumping excitement that keeps you coming back for more. I have not been to Busch Gardens in a few years, but after doing some research of what is going on over there in the next couple of months, I cannot wait to get over to Tampa and hit those coasters! Busch Gardens has an African theme with ridiculously thrilling and chilling roller-coasters such as the Kumba, Montu, Skeikra, Congo River Rapids, and many more. A recently new show, Pirates 4-D is a hilariously entertaining 4-D comedy adventure for the entire family - taking place in the new Timbuktu Theater.

Busch Gardens also has a Serengeti Railroad where you can explore the Serengeti Plain with large herds of beautiful African animals. Animals such as free-roaming giraffes, zebras, ostrich, and antelopes can be viewed in a very natural habitat. When touring on the Serengeti Express inside Busch Gardens, you feel like you are on an African safari. Busch Gardens also has a brand new musical review called the Mirage Canteen where you can travel back in time to the 1940's and hear music and see costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Busch Gardens is only an hour drive from Orlando and the Disney theme parks, and is well worth the trip. If you are really into some intense roller-coaster action, head over to Busch Gardens - Tampa for the time of your life.


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