Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Richard Petty Driving Experience

If you have ever dreamed of getting behind the wheel in a NASCAR racing car, now is your chance. The Richard Petty Driving Experience has come to the Walt Disney World Resort, stationed at the Walt Disney Speedway. You can get in an official stock car or race with a pro in the passanger seat. This is an experience of a lifetime as not many people get to feel the adrenaline rush of going 200+ MPH around a NASCAR track. The Richard Petty Driving Experience is for the speed demon in everyone, and has permanently found a home in the heart of Walt Disney World. Now you can come down to Orlando and feel like you're in Talladega Nights with Ricky Bobby. This is definitely an experience like no other, almost like an extreme sport without the risks. You can look into the program more, and buy discount tickets to The Richard Petty Driving Experience when you CLICK HERE ! See you on the track, and remember to keep hydrated, it's hot in that racecar!


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