Friday, May 25, 2007

EPCOT turns 25 Years Old

On October 1, 2007; EPCOT at the Walt Disney World resort will be celebrating its Silver Anniversary. Twenty-five years ago EPCOT was born. "EPCOT" stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, and was a vision of Walt Disney before he passed away. This "community of the future" opened in 1982 and featured a "future world" with innovative approaches to theme park ride technology. It took Disney World Co. three years to build EPCOT, starting in 1979, and the total cost was $1.4 billion.

EPCOT is now called Epcot park and hosts many events such as the Annual Food and Wine Festival as well as the Flower and Garden Festival. The World Showcase at Epcot features countries from all over the world with rides, attractions, shops, and restaurants. Future World is home of Spaceship Earth, the gigantic silver geosphere that is the trademark icon of the park. Epcot is also home to SOARIN', Mission Space, and Test Track. Come to the Walt Disney World resort and help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Epcot Park, and have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


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