Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shopping at MGM Studios

When going to Disney's MGM Studios, there are so many different places to see if you are looking to shop for some Disney-related merchandise. Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards in MGM Studios are two places that have some very interesting memorabilia. You have to check out the stores outside Aerosmith's Rock N Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. They are right next door to each other, and have some really sweet looking t-shirts and jackets. I was even able to find a book of original music from Aerosmith to play guitar to. Click Here to get your MGM tickets at a discount and pass the savings along to your kids by getting them some cool merchandise at the Disney stores.

Other great shops at Disney's MGM Studios are Villains in Vogue where you can get Disney World villain apparel and gifts, as well as cool trinkets for your home. The Writer's Stop is a very unique book store at MGM, and Tatooine Traders has all the Star Wars collectibles and merchandise. When coming to Disney World, and especially MGM Studios, don't just go on the rides and buy food, but check out the retail stores too. I promise you there is something in there for everyone, and it is always interesting to browse around and see what they have going on.


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