Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spaceship Earth Looks to the Future!

Walt Disney World is giving one of its oldest rides a face lift soon. Ever since 1982, Epcot's Spaceship Earth, has been a slow-moving ride that showcases the inventions of the past and present. However, by 2008 it will also encompass the future. The ride's new "time machines" will soon include touch screens that allow riders to design and view their own visions of the future.

The change came about after Spaceship Earth's sponsor changed from AT&T to Siemens. The new sponsor wanted to showcase some of its own technology, thus was born "Project Tommorow: Inventing the World of Tomorrow."As guests are getting off the ride they will be able to play with more new additions. The exhibit will include a 3-D body game, a driving video simulation game, and a illuminated globe.

The renovations will be fully completed by 2008, but many additions have already been made. Check it out for yourself and purchase your discount Disney tickets today!


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