Monday, July 23, 2007

See the Sea in a Different Light!!

Sea World is undoubtedly a great place to visit while in Orlando. It's educational theme and attractions make it not only a unique place to visit, but also more laid-back than other Orlando area parks. However, there are a lot of additional perks that guests all too often overlook when they visit the park. For instance, there are numerous ways to have one-on-one interactions with the animals at Sea World.

The Beluga Interaction Program allows guests to actually get in the water with the Beluga Whales to pet, feed, communicate, and learn more about the artic animal. Guests who sign up for the Marine Mammal Keeper Experience will get to work alongside marine mammal experts as they care for marine life. Guests help prepare meals, and assist in the care for endangered species, allowing them to interact with several different animals like dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions, and walruses. The Sharks Deep Dive is a 2 hour experience that puts guests in a shark tank and brings them face to face with over 50 sharks in the Shark Encounter Attraction.

Another way to make your Sea World experience even more adventurous is to schedule a sleepover in one of the underwater viewing areas. Sleepover packages are available for families or groups and can take place with beluga whales, sharks, penguins, or manatees.

Finally, group tours are also a lot of fun and can be a more inexpensive way to spice up your trip. Guests are given the opportunity to meet, pet, and learn about animals on each tour. The Predator Tour explores the world of sharks and killer whales. The Dolphin Nursery Close-Up allows guests to interact poolside with the newest additions to Sea World's dolphin population. The Save a Species Tour lets guests experience Sea World's animal rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts. On the Polar Expedition Tour, guests learn what is done to care for polar animals and they also get a chance to pet a penguin! The price range of all of the unique tours at Sea World is from $12 to $95 and does not include park admission.

Sea World offers so many ways to boost your experience there is no way you can go wrong! And, if you buy your park admission tickets at you will not only get great deals on Sea World discount tickets, but you might also be able to use some of that leftover cash to check out some of the added fun to be found at Sea World.


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