Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beat the Heat, Before Back to School!!

Central Florida may be best known for its world-class theme parks and attractions, but one other thing that is synonymous with Florida is plenty of sunshine. And down here, we have plenty of it! The theme parks may have a few rides that will cool you off in the midst of your day, but with only a few weeks left of the summer season before school begins, you may want to consider taking a day out of your vacation to beat that summer heat in one of Orlando's water parks.

The two Disney water parks are second to none- both, like the four main theme parks, are built around a theme that is carried throughout the grounds. Blizzard Beach is the most popular water park at Disney and is the first of the two to reach capacity on a hot summer day. Blizzard Beach was conceived off of the idea that a random snow storm hit Central Florida- and the snow is beginning to melt, making for some awesome rides! Here, you can expect to see an actual ski lift, which will take riders to the top of the mountain, and mounds and mounds of- yes, you guessed it... snow! (And for that reason, be sure to bring along your sunglasses for the day, as the "snow" gets a very bright glare off of it in the afternoon.) This park is also known as the park which has the best thrill rides. Summit Plummet, the world's tallest free-fall speed slide, is located 120 feet up in the air at the park's summit, offering beautiful glimpses of most of the rest of the Walt Disney World resort before you take the plunge down at a speed of nearly 60 mph. Blizzard Beach also has the world's longest family raft ride, Teamboat Springs, and many other attractions that will keep you cool all day long.

The main difference in Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon- besides the theming- is the wave pool. While Blizzard offers a fairly large pool that has mostly gentle, rocking waves, Typhoon Lagoon's front-and-center attraction is, and always has been, its wave pool. Containing almost three million gallons of water, this massive water attraction cranks up some of the biggest waves in all of Florida- so big in fact, that they actually offer surfing lessons there before the park opens! While Typhoon may not have any record-setting rides, they do offer plenty of fun slides and some other unique attractions, like the opportunity to snorkel in a shark reef (another thing to beware of here-besides the sharks of course- is the water. This man-made coral reef pool is freezing, but is sure to help you beat the heat any time of day.).

If you want another option away from the Walt Disney World resort, you can try Wet 'n Wild near Universal Orlando. This park, noted as the first true water park, has over 30 acres of rides and fun for the entire family. Wet n' Wild has five thrill rides, seven multi-rider attractions, a lake, wave pool and lazy river. This park may not have the theming that the first two have, but you are assured of an entire day of fun if you head here, as any and everything is surrounded by their plethora of water attractions!

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