Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disney Cruises!!!

Have you ever wanted to take a cruise, but you're not a fan of the high seas? If that is the case, or if you just want a nice, relaxing way to end your day at the Walt Disney World Resort, then Walt Disney World's specialty cruises just may be for you.

Every night at the Walt Disney World Resort, guests set sail on fantasy excursions on one of Walt Disney World's many lakes and lagoons. There are two kinds of specialty cruises you can choose from - the Grand1 Specialty Cruise and the Celebration Cruise. The Grand1 Specialty Cruise is the ultimate party aboard one of the grandest yachts anywhere in Central Florida. You and your party will hop on board this luxurious 45-foot liner at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and take to the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake in style. Or, if you prefer a smaller, more intimate gathering, try the Celebration Cruise. You can invite up to eight or 10 people, depending upon the size of the boat, to join you onboard. Both the Grand1 Specialty Cruise and the Celebration Cruise will take you out on the water to see the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks lit up in the distance. You can choose from a variety of festivities while on board, including having your cruise catered, and you will cap off your evening as you drop anchor for prime viewing of one of the Walt Disney World Resort's world-famous fireworks displays. You can also choose which location you would like to end up at - either in front of the Magic Kingdom Park or at Epcot. Either way, these specialty cruises are a magical way to cap of any Walt Disney World Resort vacation experience.

All specialty cruises must be reserved prior to launch. For the Grand1 Specialty Cruise, call 407-824-2682 for reservations, and for the Celebration Cruise, call 407-939-2329.

While this may just be one stop on your Walt Disney World Resort vacation, we know the theme parks will probably be next on your to-do list. And, as always, you can get your discounted Disney tickets right here at DW Tickets, the best deals in town!


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