Monday, August 20, 2007

Fireworks at Disney!!

Every Summer, there's one thing kids look forward to: The Fourth of July and the Fireworks displays the holiday brings. The flashy colors and loud explosions are something most kids just can't get enough of. You don't have to wait for the 4th to see some great Fireworks, though. Just check out any of the displays at Disney!

Most nights, the Magic Kingdom at Disney World presents the "Wishes" Fireworks show. This 12-minute display pays tribute to the spirit of Disney: making dreams come true. Besides a wonderful firework display, kicked off by Tinkerbell, guests get to experience the message through audio, too. Sing along to your favorite Disney tracks and watch your kids faces light up as they hear their favorite characters speak as well. The shows creators also carefully planned each firework and sound effect to match up perfectly. You are not going to want to miss this one! Make sure you show up early so you'll get the perfect spot.

Any Disney fan knows the classic movie Fantasia, where Mickey plays magician and commands mops to dance. Experience this magic first hand when you check out "Fantasmic!" Based on the move, this show features Mickey battling Disney villains and stunning effects that are not limited to Fireworks. The show also features lasers, animation and more! For those who are sight or hearing impaired, "Fantasmic!" offers Captioning and special listening receivers to help you keep up with the show. It is also wheelchair and scooter friendly.

That's not all. On special nights, you and your kids can see all kinds of special firework effects at the "SpectroMagic" parade. Your favorite characters, Mickey included, come together to march in this awesome parade that is sure to entertain kids and adults alike. With over 100 miles of fiber optics cables and 250,000 lights, this is a show like no other. Check with Guest relations if you are in need of special access to the route, as most shows offer areas for those with disabilities.

Finally, we have IllumiNations. As you might have guessed from the name, this show pays tribute to the world we live in by having an earth globe show the wonders of the world as fireworks go off around it. You'll also be treated to original music designed for the show to add to the magical experience. Lasers are also a part of the show. What better way to introduce a child to the vast world that surrounds them? IllumiNations is designed, as are the other shows, to allow those who are confined to wheelchairs or scooters to have access as well.

If you're looking for some great fireworks displays that are truly unique, there's no need to wait for the 4th of July! Just take a trip to Disney World and see some of the best there is any time of the year.For the best deals, check out DW Tickets for the best discounted Disney tickets around! You won't be sorry!!!


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