Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tower of Terror at MGM Studios!!

Everyone loves a good scare sometimes. When you want some thrills and chills, The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror at MGM Studios is the place to go! This terrifying trip starts in a dusty hotel lobby that sets a perfect atmosphere for what's yet to come. Following a special film hosted by Rod Serling, the man behind The Twilight Zone, you are suddenly plunged into darkness and then led to an elevator that guides you through one of the creepiest hotels you've ever seen! They're not done with you yet, though. Not even close. As you ride through the hotel, you're treated to ghostly images of those who came before you.

Scared yet? If not, watch out... you will be when you're suddenly falling at a speed you can only imagine, as the elevator falls. They keep the scares coming with a random series climbs and falls that will keep you on your toes. Finally, you are set free in a dark hallway to meet up with those who were either not able to get on the ride or not brave enough to try it. What more can you want from a ride?

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was carefully crafted by Disney Imagineers for maximum effect. They spent countless hours watching every episode of the classic Rod Serling series in an attempt to make this ride as terrifying as possible. Actual props from the original series are featured as well, allowing you the chance to see a piece of television history up close. They didn't stop there. They went through more then 30 versions of this ride before they settled on the one you can visit now. How's that for attention to detail?

The Tower isn't for everyone, though. The ghosts and fast drops may be way too much for young children, even if they meet the height requirements, so use your best judgement when deciding whether to let your child on this ride. If you suffer from certain medical conditions such as heart, neck and back problems, motion sickness or are pregnant, this is not a ride for you. Stay behind with the kids in the kid swap zone so the rest of your group can take turns going through the attraction. For those who can't hear, the Tower of Terror offers video captioning. They also have wheelchairs for those who have mobility issues.

Just because you can't actually go on the ride, doesn't mean you can't experience at least some of it. All guests are able to get through the pre-show, which includes the Rod Serling film, before going to a holding area to wait for the rest of their group. The Tower of Terror also offers a special exit just before you get to the elevator in case you decide this ride is too much either for you or your child. Just talk to one of the cast members and they'll help you out.

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