Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa

The theme for this year's "Howl-O-Scream" celebration at Busch Gardens Tampa is "A New Spin on Horror." Sounds intriguing, no? Even if you're not a true Halloween lover, the folks at Busch Gardens vow this year's party will be the scariest and best yet; the "horror" so intense, the evening comes with a warning -parental discretion advised.

So what will this new "spin" look like? Think crowds moving to the beat, strobe lights piercing the night sky, and zombie DJs spinning an eerie death beat.

There will be six haunted houses located throughout the park for your voyeuristic visiting pleasure. In "After Hours: Club Muse" the evil artists get their inspiration from you, once you make it past the velvet ropes and the screaming begins. Watch out for The Messengers at "Catch Your Breath 13" House. They've already taken 12 victims and want nothing more than to suffocate your lights out and make you number 13. Don't breath in the air around "Radiation Alert 3-D" - it's radioactive, and so are its residents. And speaking of residents, be sure to stop by and say hi to the family at "Trapped in the Walls" and their demon friends. The night is darkest in the "Taste of Blood" house here vampires are on the hunt. And don't miss the burnt out remnants of that peaceful cabin in the woods. Just try not to become one of "The Hunted."

On your way to these horrific houses, you'll have to weave your way through five scare zones. Wander through the "Wicked Woods," where the trees are alive and waiting to grab anything -and anyone within reach. Watch a battle to the death in the "Masters & Monsters" fighting pit. If you like blood and gore, this is definitely your place. "Pharaoh's Revenge" takes you to the step of death's door, and maybe beyond with the other mummies. And the peaceful, friendly Corncob Junction turns into "Zombie Junction"...well, just picture any zombie movie where you're the one surrounded. And beware of "Eternal Midnight" a stopover to hell where trapped residents like to use passers-by for rides out of purgatory.

And if you have time and are still among the living, you might want to catch a live show or two. "Sweet Dreams" features some great music, dancing and special effects that are sure to evoke a scream or two. Head over to the "Fiends" show for more dancing and general fun and freakiness. Or check out the real contemporary freaks in the "Freak Show."

And if all these Halloween special-effects aren't enough to get your blood boiling, you can scream your lungs out on one of the wild rides. Click now to get your discount Busch Gardens tickets from DW Tickets, and start celebrating!


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