Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Castaway Critters Show at Busch Gardens

If you always wanted to visit Africa, but are visiting the Orlando area instead, a jaunt over to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay may be just the ticket for you. And has the cheap tickets you will need to get into the park and enjoy "the wildest animal adventure show in Florida," the brand new "Castaway Critters" show.

In this awesome, all-new animal event, the entertainment team at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay takes interesting performing creatures, joins them with human performers, and comes up with a paradise island. On this island, you will find almost 80 different animals, including dogs, cats birds and even kangaroos all working together to entertain and educate their guests. The brand new multi-level set will impress, and so will the original songs and performance routines that exemplify the training skills that abound at this Busch Gardens park.

And since the roller coasters and wild rides at Busch Gardens will no doubt leave you in need of a seat, you should check out the other live shows throughout the park, where you'll get bit of a rest and some entertainment fun too. Keeping with the park's Africa theme, the "KaTonga" show brings you straight to the heart of that amazing continent through musical celebration of animal folklore. African storytellers, called Griots, take guests along on a day in their lives as they try to rise to the top of their craft. With African-inspired dance, puppetry, original song and traditional African tales, the Griots take each visitor on a Broadway-caliber living ride.

Over at the Timbuktu Theater, "Pirates 4-D" uses comedy, special-effects, and the latest 4-D technology to entertain families of all ages. Show star Leslie Nielsen with leave you laughing and definitely entertained via this multi-sensory experience that sprays and surprises throughout. Don't forget to take a moment to enjoy the "Mystic Sheiks of Morocco," the musical ambassadors of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This eight-piece brass marching band travels throughout the park entertaining guests of all ages. You will be delighted with their talents.

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