Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Segway through WDW!

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One of the most unique ways to experience the Walt Disney World Resort is through a personal tour. Through these countless tours, you can see behind the scenes of the parks and even learn all of the top-notch secrets behind your favorite attractions. But one of the many tours that you are probably not aware are the different segway tours that Walt Disney World offers. And in case you are not sure of what a segway is, this is a futuristic motorized vehicle that you stand on that takes you from place to place (much like a motorized scooter that you stand on, only this is an upright vehicle). The Walt Disney World Resort has been using segways for years with their management team, and now these tours are offered to let guests have some fun as well!

Segway tours are now offered at the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds and at Epcot. The Fort Wilderness tour is a new one, and it allows guests to experience the wilderness along the trails of the Fort Wilderness Resort. These tours take place several times throughout the day and begin at 8:30 a.m. It is important to note however that several bus changes may be required if you are a guest at a Disney hotel, so be sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to make your tour (if you are late, you will be unable to attend). Also of note for all of these segway tours - helmets are mandatory for everyone (they are provided) and there is also a 250 lb. weight limit for each segway.

The segway tour at Epcot is a popular one and allows guests to experience this theme park in a whole new way. On this tour, you will visit all of the countries in the World Showcase before this section of the park opens to the public and see other parts of this futuristic theme park. Or, if you simply want to learn how to operate one of these machines, Epcot also offers one-hour instructional classroom experiences for those not yet ready to brave the outdoors in these vehicles.

Whether you are riding through the parks on a segway or seeing them like everyone else, be sure to get your tickets to all of the Walt Disney World theme parks right here at!


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