Monday, October 01, 2007

Shamu's Happy Harbor

Vacations and kids just go together. Vacations and money do too. So, the first step on your Orlando vacation must be to buy all of your discount theme park tickets at your one and only source for the cheapest tickets in town, The second step should be to prepare your kids (and you too!) to have the time of their life, and make sure you include a visit to SeaWorld and set aside plenty of time to play in Shamu's Happy Harbor.

This port of pleasure is no fast food play land. Unless if the play land you're talking about has been on steroids for the past ten years. The new and much more exciting Shamu's Happy Harbor has been recently updated and six new kiddie rides have been added. Now it's more than a pumped up playground. It's practically a theme park in itself!

One of the centerpiece rides that every kid is sure to love is the "Sea Carousel," where riders have their choice of 65 sea creatures to perch atop and float around on giant fish, sea lions, otters, sharks and precious dolphins. For a walk on the wild (but not too wild) side, the "Shamu Express" takes its passengers on a killer whale ride at speeds up to 28 mph. Now that's what I call family friendly fun! There is also a kid-sized jelly fish tower ride called "Jazzy Jellies" and a tug boat adventure, the "Ocean Commotion." If spinning in a tea cup is your cup of tea, then the "Swishy Fishies" will keep you pleased as punch, while the "Flying Fiddler" will turn that round and round into an up and down; up 20 feet and than down you go.

Once the kids have blissfully ridden to excess, they can still climb, jump and play on Shamu's Happy Harbor's awesome collection of nets, tunnels and slides. (The grown ups fit on these too!) There are up to four stories of nets connected by a series of tunnels all high in the air. Go ahead, give it a try. You'll feel like a kid again. Adults can ride and play with the kids throughout Shamu's Happy Harbor, so they don't have to miss out on all the fun, but keep in mind that there are minimum height requirements on some of the rides. is the best place to get all of your discount tickets for your Orlando vacation, so click it and ticket it right here and right now!


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