Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spaceship Earth Updates on the Way

The icon of Epcot is getting a makeover just in time for the park's 25-year anniversary. A few weeks ago, we told you that this futuristic theme park at Walt Disney World was turning 25. And no matter how old you are, is your best source for cheap tickets to come on down and celebrate this quarter-century milestone.

Spaceship Earth has always been the focal point for the second Walt Disney World Theme Park and is a huge favorite for many of the park's guests. What Epcot visitor doesn't have a vacation photo in front of the big golf ball? One complaint of late, however, was that the ride had become outdated, perhaps even boring. Not wanting to be left behind - it is supposed to be a futuristic journey after all - Disney recently announced that their imagineers will soon present EPCOT guests with a "re-imagined" Spaceship Earth.

The premise of the ride has always been an historical travel through time. It takes you on a visual journey through the history of the world, from the beginning of time to the farthest edges of the future. The rehab will enhance each guest's trip with new scenes, light effects, refreshed costumes and sets, and brand new narrative and music. The "time machines" that transport guests throughout their adventure will be equipped with touch screens that allow riders to join in and create their own vision for the future.

The new Spaceship Earth has been made possible by a partnership between Disney and Siemens, a 150-year-old company specializing in electronics and electrical engineering. Both companies say the partnership is a great match because they are "committed to innovation." And that is what Epcot is all about! The Siemens' presence will also be displayed at the exit of Spaceship Earth with "Project Tomorrow: Inventing the World of Tomorrow." an exhibit where guests can play and learn even more after they disembark from their journey through the past and future.

For those of you planning your vacation now, the new and improved Spaceship Earth Pavilion is expected to be fully open at EPCOT in Spring of 2008, but the new ride should be up and running in the next few weeks. has the best deals on discount Walt Disney World admission packages, so order up now and be ready to experience the newest EPCOT attraction with it reopens next year!


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