Wednesday, November 21, 2007

“Year of A Million Dreams” Extended at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has always been considered a place where dreams come true, but starting in 2006 and continuing through this year that became more of a reality with the Year of a Million Dreams. Well, Disney Parks recently announced that the first million-dream year has been extended. While the folks at Disney are busy making theme park dreams come true, we here at are working to grant you your deepest desires when it comes to cheap tickets. If you want to get in on the next year’s worth of Disney dream giveaways, click quick and get your discount Orlando theme park tickets at now!

Walt Disney World gave away over one million dream prizes during the past year, and they are committed to broaden the dream granting all over their Orlando resort. The “Year of a Million Dreams” has officially been expanded into the “2008 Disney Dreams Giveaway,” and this year park officials boast that they will make even more than a million spectacular guest dreams come true. Disney asked guests what they wanted out of this encore of dreams and overwhelmingly, guests said they wanted “dreams that money can’t buy.” And they will get their wish in 2008 with even bigger, better dreams “that only Disney can make come true.”

At the Magic Kingdom, Disney created a spectacular new family suite that allows chosen guests to spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle smack in the middle of the Magic Kingdom. Now what little girl hasn’t dreamed of that? What about staying on your own private Disney island? In the 2008 Dreams Giveaway, some lucky winner will be Disney’s special guest on Castaway Cay, the private Bahamian island of the Disney Cruise Line. The winner and five guests will spend one day living in the true lap of luxury with sleeping accommodations on a private yacht. Now that is definitely a dream only Disney can make come true.

Other special dreamers will be treated to special VIP viewings of the fireworks in all of the World Disney World theme parks, and there are special resort stays and dining giveaways that will absolutely make vacation dreams come true for many families visiting Walt Disney World next year. can make your vacation planning dreams come true too. We have the best discounts on them park tickets and you can get them all in one place – and that’s not a dream!


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