Friday, May 23, 2008

Airlines Cut More Flights Into Orlando

Your Orlando vacation might be harder to plan now, but the news isn’t all bad

Some of the most popular airlines may have put a wrinkle in your future Orlando vacation plans. In light of the outlandish gas prices they are facing, Delta Airlines announced last week that they will no longer fly direct to Orlando out of 5 different U.S. cities.

Of course, this doesn’t have to negatively impact your Orlando vacation, because there are always other options. The best option for a thrifty Orlando vacation is to get all of your Orlando theme park tickets at, the best one-stop Orlando theme park ticket spot on the Web.

Delta’s latest flight changes restrict travel to Orlando from the following five cities: New Orleans; Nashville, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Asheville, North Carolina and Lexington, Kentucky. These flight eliminations will go into effect by August of this year.

Even with the gas prices what they are, all of these cities are within fairly easy driving distance from Orlando:
  • New Orleans to Orlando – Just over 630 miles or about 9 hours.
  • Nashville to Orlando – Approximately 685 miles, or a 10-hour trip.
    Birmingham to Orlando – About 525 miles or just over 8 hours.
  • Asheville to Orlando – Under 600 miles and close to 9 hours.
  • Lexington to Orlando – Around 825 miles or 12½ hours.

If you drive a gas guzzler, look into renting a car for your road trip. Even though you have to pay for the rental car, you may make up the rental fees in gas savings. Another option for traveling to Orlando is Amtrak. They have local stations – one in downtown Orlando and one in Kissimmee – that offer convenient transportation to the theme park areas in town.

Airline Customers Rate Their Favorites
And speaking of air travel, the University of Michigan recently released the results of their annual survey of airline passengers. If you are a frequent flyer, you will not be surprised to learn that most of the ratings have decreased over the past several years.

Southwest is the leader in customer satisfaction, with a rating of 79 (based on a scale of 1-100). US Airways came in last with a score of 54. In between were AMR Corp. (American Airlines and Continental) at 62, Delta with 60, Northwest at 57, and United Airlines rating 56.

This is a difficult time for all of the airlines, but you can still find some good deals out there if you do the research. And the best deals of all are on all of your Orlando theme park tickets at!


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