Monday, May 19, 2008

You and Your Tax Rebate Check Are Going To Disney World!

You may think a Disney getaway means big bucks, but now there’s a way for you to take your family’s tax rebate check and say, “We’re going to Disney World!” First and foremost you need Disney tickets, and we have the best discounts in town on Disney tickets (Universal tickets and Sea World tickets too).

Disney tickets are more affordable than you think
So, you’ve always thought that Disney tickets are expensive. Well, if you’re looking solely at the cost of a one-day ticket to Walt Disney World, that is understandable. What you may not realize is that the Magic Your Way Disney ticket gives you multiple days in the Disney theme parks at a huge discount when compared to the price of a one-day Disney ticket.

With the extra money brought in by your tax rebate check this year, you can afford Disney tickets for the whole family and have cash leftover!

Planning your Tax Rebate Disney Getaway
A family of four should get a rebate of about $1800. Here’s what that tax rebate check can get you at the Walt Disney World Resort:
  • 2 Adult 5-day Magic Your Way base Disney tickets good for admission to a different Disney theme park each day. (Total = $420)
  • 2 Child 5-day Magic Your Way base Disney tickets. (Total = $350)
  • A 5-night stay at a Disney Value Resort like Disney’s Pop Century Resort, where room rates start at just $82 per night. (Total = $410)

Now you have your tickets and your hotel and you barely broke $1,000! You still have more than $600 to use for travel, food and gifts on your Tax Rebate Disney Getaway.

Get more from your Tax Rebate Disney Getaway by camping
If you want to get even more out of your tax rebate check, add the Disney water parks to your Disney ticket package and rough it Disney-style at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Try a package like this to enjoy the great outdoors, Disney theme parks and Disney water parks too!

  • 2 Adult 5-day Magic Your Way Water Park Fun and More tickets. (Total = $512)
  • 2 Child 5-day Magic Your Way Water Park Fun and More tickets. (Total = $445)
    Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness start at only $42 per night, so a 5-night Disney camping adventure is really reasonable. (Total = $210)

At a grand total of about $1170, this campy Tax Rebate Disney Getaway simply can’t be beat. So, grab that tax rebate check, get your Disney tickets and thank God for the IRS!


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