Monday, June 09, 2008

Disney Institute

In addition to inspiring millions of guests each year to reach for their dreams, the Walt Disney Co. and its business philosophy is also one that is admired and emulated around the world. With that premise in mind, the Disney Institute was born more than 20 years ago to share the philosophies of Walt Disney and how they can be beneficial to any business in any industry across the globe. Since its inception, millions of business executives and people from virtually every industry have developed programs and changed their business models to reflect the teachings of the Walt Disney Co. and the Disney Institute.

The Disney Institute was founded on the principles from which Walt Disney built his empire – the ability to take risks coupled with his innate customer service-oriented mindset. The Disney Institute lets business people of all kinds get a firsthand look at Disney’s best practices with behind-the-scenes experiences, experiential activities and facilitated discussions with Disney leaders. Through these, you will be able to learn, live and leave with the distinct vision of how Disney executes its core strengths of leadership, loyalty, management, service and creativity on a daily basis.

Among the programs that are offered at the Disney Institute include a 90-minute presentation, a three-hour workshop, a one-day seminar, a multi-day program and a customized a program that fits exactly into what your business needs. The Disney Institute offers a variety of additional programs, from offsite programs, continuing education programs that are accredited, keynote speakers that are available for conferences and individual and group experiences for at least 20 people. Classes are held at both the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and at the Disneyland Resort in California, and accommodations at either of these resorts can be included in your Disney Institute package.

The goal of the Disney Institute is for everyone who leaves the training to have a renewed sense of focus for your business. The Disney Institute facilitators will not only teach you about how Disney works, but how those philosophies can be tied into your business to increase both productivity and the bottom line for your company while also improving employee morale and inspiration for your company’s employees and products. Clients such as AAA, AMC Theatres, Saturn, United Airlines, Duke University, McDonald’s, General Motors, IBM, Kraft, Target and many more have used the Disney Institute, so as you can see, there is no company too small or too large to benefit from the Disney corporation or the philosophies of Walt Disney himself.

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