Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Fall Chill Is Moving In On Your Orlando Vacation

Nothing can cool off an Orlando vacation like a little bit of ice, and this fall, ICEBAR Orlando is plunging into Orlando’s hip entertainment scene with 50 tons of the stuff. ICEBAR Orlando is the first ever permanent all-ice exhibit to hit the Orlando vacation circuit, and it is sure to become an Orlando hotspot in no time.

ICEBAR Orlando is made entirely of ice – 50 tons of ice. The walls, tables, chairs, bars and sculptures are solid ice. And it’s cold. ICEBAR Orlando will maintain a temperature of below-freezing 27 degrees Fahrenheit. What could be more refreshing during your hot Orlando vacation?

At 1000 square feet, ICEBAR Orlando is the largest permanent ice bar in the whole country. It is the first of its kind anywhere in the southeast, and it should be a must see on all Orlando vacation lists.

Here’s how the ICEBAR Orlando experience works:

First, make a reservation for your 45-minute ICEBAR Orlando expedition. Arrive early so you can hang out in the super hip Chill Lounge, a brand new 4000 square foot Nordic style bar that serves as the fabulously unique entrance to ICEBAR Orlando.

When your ICEBAR Orlando reservation time rolls around, you will be provided with a designer cape, thermal for the utmost warmth, and gloves to keep you cozy during your 45-minute frozen treat. If you’re over 21 years old, a delicious premium vodka cocktail comes with admission, and it is delightfully served in an glass made of – you guessed it, ice. (Under agers get an icy drink too, just without the vodka.)

Once your drink is frozen in hand, you are free to explore this icy wonderland. Sit on an ice-chair, chill at an ice table and admire some spectacular ice sculptures. Your timed ICEBAR Orlando expedition will be the adventure of a lifetime, and when your time is up, you can enjoy a few more drinks and live entertainment at the Chill Lounge.

ICEBAR Orlando is located on International Drive. Formerly known as the Glo Lounge, the totally chill and completely renovated ICEBAR Orlando officially opens on October 1. Admission to ICEBAR Orlando starts at $35 per person, and don’t forget that includes a premium vodka drink for anyone over 21. Reservations are required. There is no admission charge or reservation required for the Chill Lounge.


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