Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Save Time on an Orlando Theme Park Vacation

Saving is on everyone’s mind these days, especially when it comes to the Orlando theme parks. Your Orlando vacation time is no time to waste time, so here are some great ways to make the absolute most of your Orlando vacation time.

Orlando Vacation Time Saver – Planning
Taking your Orlando vacation during a slower time of year can be a huge time saver. There are off-peak periods every year when all of the Orlando theme parks have reduced crowds, which means less waiting in lines and more time to fit everything in.

The best times to visit an Orlando theme park is just before or immediately following a very busy time. The beginning of November is a slow time, just before the Thanksgiving crowds show up, and the same is true for the beginning of December. These are also good times to visit because the Christmas celebrations and decorations are usually in full swing so you can still enjoy those special treats without the throngs of people.

Mid to late January is also a quieter time on the Orlando theme park front. The weather in January can get a bit chilly despite the Florida locale, but in many ways a cooler day can make your Orlando theme park experience even more exciting. Just bring a jacket, hat and gloves and hit your Orlando vacation running.

Orlando Vacation Time Saver – Where to Stay
If possible, try to stay on property at the Orlando theme park of your choosing. The Walt Disney World Resort has several Disney hotels adjacent to the Disney theme parks. The Universal Orlando Resort has a few hotels of their own, which put you right next door to both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

There are many hotels in the vicinity of SeaWorld, Discovery Cove and Aquatica by SeaWorld as well. Staying close by means less time traveling to and from your favorite Orlando theme parks.

Orlando Vacation Time Saver – Know What You Want To Do
To avoid wasting time once you get to the Orlando theme park of your choice, figure out what you want to do beforehand. Make a list of the must-sees, and organize your day around that. Nothing wastes more valuable Orlando theme park time than standing around trying to figure out where to go next. A little planning and decision making will go a very long way to saving your Orlando vacation time!


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