Thursday, October 09, 2008

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights of the Past

Universal Studios Orlando has always been one of the best places to celebrate Halloween in spooky style, so we decided to pay tribute to some of the Halloween Horror Nights themes of the past. You have been petrified, you have been haunted, and you have loved every second of these frightening themes.

Halloween Horror Nights X – Not Afraid of the Dark? You Don’t Know Jack

Jack the Clown was the terrifying host of the tenth Halloween Horror Nights. Jack was an evil clown and mass murderer, a carnival performer in “Dr. Oddfellow’s Carnival of Thrills.” On Halloween 1920, the police were closing in on Jack and he revealed his secret to Dr. Oddfellow hoping that he would hide him. In an effort to protect himself and keep his own crimes secret, Dr. Oddfellow murdered Jack and hid his body within a traveling carnival as an exhibit. Years later, a television crew came upon the carnival and discovered a large wooden box with a crank. After turning the crank, out popped the decomposing body of Jack. His body was taken to the coroner’s for examination, but on Halloween, the van carrying the box disappeared – and later that week, the film crew was discovered dead!

It’s said that Jack is on a search for Dr. Oddfellow and will reward anyone who releases him from his box. During Halloween Horror Nights X, Jack hosted a haunted carnival and a scarezone taken over by clowns, and he appeared in the Jacked Up show.

Halloween Horror Nights XII

In 2002, the mazes revolved around the imagination of Dr. Albert Caine, otherwise known as the Caretaker. Dr. Caine was a tall and withered old mortician of a cemetery where he and his family used the town’s deceased citizens to conduct unnatural and twisted experiments. Eventually, he began using live specimens by luring victims to his Victorian mansion, so that he could then perform experiments on them to capture their soul – while his family used their body parts for meal ingredients! The Caretaker’s mansion was the main scream house of Halloween Horror Nights 12, and he starred in a show where guests got to see him torturing victims with his signature claw in one of his horrific experiments.

Halloween Horror Nights XIII - The Director Will See You Now

The Director was the star of “The All Nite DIE-in Theater,” one of Halloween Horrror Nights 13’s six haunted houses. The European director was a demented creator of slasher films who liked his actors to do their scenes in one take! In films that were banned in almost every country, he would torture his actors and murder them in brutal and violent ways. Upon entering his haunted house, guests would see him on screen editing one of his bloody movies, only to walk through the screen and into some of the most horrifying movie sets!

With all the many great past Halloween Horror Nights themes, you can be sure that this year’s is going to be just as terrifying, if not more so! At the current Halloween Horror Nights, you can see Dr. Mary Agana, or Bloody Mary, who faces her fear of death by watching you experience yours! Catch Halloween Horror Nights now through November 1st, and get your discount Halloween Horror Nights tickets here at


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