Friday, November 21, 2008

Bolt Launches into Theaters and Walt Disney World

Though Walt Disney World is undoubtedly awesome for its fun and amazing Orlando theme parks, there would never have been a single park at all if it weren’t for Disney animation. That said, we hope you’re as excited as we are about the debut of the latest Walt Disney Pictures production, Bolt, which hit theaters on November 17th. This computer-animated film about a frisky dog with a superhero complex is sure to delight Disney fans everywhere and bring a lot of future fun to the parks, as well.

Bolt is the story of a super-dog (voiced by John Travolta) who’s only super when the cameras are rolling. The star of a hit TV show, Bolt faces adventure, danger, and intrigue on a daily basis along with his screen partner Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus). It’s all fun and games until Bolt is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, where the real adventure begins. Still operating under the delusion that his super-powers are real, Bolt embarks on a journey back home with two hilarious companions, a jaded, abandoned housecat named Mittens and a TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino. Together, the three work as a team as they learn that you don’t have to have powers to be a hero.

Like many other films by executive producer John Lasseter (the mind behind Finding Nemo and The Incredibles), Bolt is wildly funny, smart, and filled with a lot of heart. It’s being called the first in-house Disney movie to compare to the gems of Pixar and Dreamworks. And since Bolt was animated in 3D, the film features crystal clear, super-sharp imagery. Unlike other films that use cheesy 3D in-your-face ploys, Bolt doesn’t fling things at its viewers so much as make them feel as though they’re within the movie’s environment. Though watching Bolt in 3D will generally cost a bit more, it’s absolutely worth it to see the high-quality animation craftsmanship that went into the film.

While you’re in Orlando, be sure to take a break from park-hopping to catch this latest Disney flick; we highly recommend the AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theatres Complex at Downtown Disney. With the complex’s bright Art Deco design, impeccable maintenance, loveseat-style stadium seating, and THX Surround Sound and Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, you’ll be able to enjoy Bolt in all its glory. The AMC Theaters are also playing Bolt as a regular feature and in Disney Digital 3D, so you have options as to how you’d like to immerse yourself in the super-doggie’s world.

And after you’ve seen Bolt, be sure to stop by Disney’s Hollywood Studios to meet and greet the characters from the film! You can see Bolt and Mittens (and Rhino the Hamster at special events) at The Magic of Disney Animation attraction.

We’ll be sure to catch Bolt in theaters this weekend, and we hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of the film’s furry threesome in the parks soon. Maybe a Bolt attraction is in the future? If and when it happens, expect to give you the first sneak peek!


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