Friday, November 07, 2008

Enjoy Italian Music and Romance at Loews Portofino Hotel

The Loews Portofino Bay Hotel and the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, both situated in the heart of Universal Studios Orlando, offer their guests plenty of awesome perks, including pools, dining, shopping, fast lines at Universal and Islands of Adventure, and more. What many don’t realize, however, is that each hotel offers their own attractions and events separate from the park throughout the year.

One such attraction that is a must-see for any guest of the Loews Portofino Hotel is “Musica Della Notte” (Music of the Night). Each night, guests can experience a true taste of Italy with this musical celebration. The fun begins at sunset when the strolling musicians of the Mama Della’s and Thirsty Fish restaurants perform from the balconies overlooking the Harbor Piazza. Musica della Notte showcases a blend of classic opera, romantic and festive music, and pop-opera favorites. One of four different themes pervades the show each night: Broadway Favorites, Viva Italia, Romanza, and Tenors Night.

With the Romanza themed show, you can expect to hear popular love songs with an Italian flavor, including songs made famous by Bocelli and Sinatra. On Tenors Night, the musicians perform classic tenor arias and Bocelli favorites. And during the Viva Italia show, you’ll hear spirited Italian songs that include Neapolitan favorites. The show’s themes operate on a fixed schedule, so you can call the concierge to find out which one will be performed that evening.

Since the show takes place around or shortly after sunset each night, weather permitting, the time of the performance fluctuates based on the time of the year. Currently, Musica Della Notte is being performed at 6:30, but anyone wanting to know when the show will be can call the hotel’s front desk.

The Portofino Hotel is expertly modeled after the Portofino village of Italy, and the Harbor Piazza, in which Musica Della Notte is performed, resembles a town square. Complete with cobblestone streets and outdoor caf├ęs, it’s the perfect setting for the operatic show. Guests can even see Vespas and sports cars parked in the piazza along with faux fishing boats anchored in the harbor. The ambiance is romantic, charming, and classic Italian.

For a truly incredible experience, dine at Mama Della’s and request a table on the piazza when the Musica Della Notte starts. You’ll get a great view, enjoy classic Italian cuisine, and be able to see and hear the show comfortably. And best yet, with Campo Portofino, couples can enjoy a solo night of romance on the Piazza by dropping their kids off at this supervised children’s activity center (for ages 4 through 14 only). Parents won’t have to feel guilty about leaving little ones behind because they’ll have plenty to keep them entertained; Campo Portofino has play mats, an arts and crafts table, storybook corner, computer desks, a movie room, and more.

So next time you stay at Loews Portofino Hotel, be sure you explore the resort, which offers plenty of opportunities for excitement and romance. You’ll love Musica della Notte and the Italian charm of this one-of-a-kind resort.


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