Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beat the Winter with Indoor Shows

Winters are pretty interesting here in Orlando – one week, temperatures run a pleasant 70 degrees, and the next week, it’s time to break out the turtlenecks and parkas! But until the season starts heating up more regularly in the coming months, Orlando theme parks have plenty of attractions to keep you warm, with indoor shows that are both an entertaining and comfortable way to spend an afternoon.

First up on the list of our favorites is definitely A’Lure, The Call of the Ocean, the newest show at SeaWorld Orlando. Performing daily at the Nautilus Theater, this theatrical production combines mesmerizing under-the-sea visuals with Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics and athleticism.

Set to a musical score recorded by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, A’Lure’s dynamic 30-minute production takes guests on a journey through the ocean’s depths and mysteries. With a dozen Chinese acrobats and vibrant animated images, it tells the mythical story of the Sea Sirens, who have lured entranced fishermen into the water for centuries. The show takes place on a massive stage with an oversized projection screen serving as an ever-changing backdrop while gravity-defying aerial tumblers, scaling pole climbers, lyrical dancers, and unicycle champions dazzle on stage.

Over at the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Orlando, another great indoor show is a tried and true classic, Terminator 2: 3D Battle Across Time. Throw on your 3D glasses and settle into a comfortable theater seat while you watch Sarah and John Connor travel into the future to destroy SkyNet. But it won’t be easy – the T-1000 is back to kill John, though luckily, the T-800 (Arnold) is there to help stop him too. With on-screen special effects, 3D cinematography that seems to hover right before your face, and live-action stunts, the Terminator 2: 3D is a beloved Universal Studios favorite.

And at Walt Disney World, there’s no shortage of indoor shows among the five parks. However, one recent addition that’s particularly fun is Finding Nemo – The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Adapted from the popular and funny Disney-Pixar film into a 30-minute Broadway-style musical, Finding Nemo is fun for all ages. Inside the Theater in the Wild at the DinoLand USA area, the musical features Marlin, his curious son Nemo, and their friend Dory performing new musical numbers inspired by lines from the movie, including “Just Keep Swimming.” Even if you’re not big into musicals, this one is a sight to see with innovative lighting, special effects, and theatrical puppets, some as big as cars.

So next time the temperatures drop, grab a sweater and head on over to one of these Orlando theme parks. You’ll be snuggly and warm while you enjoy a show, and when the fun’s over, you can skip right on to another fun indoor attraction. Look to for your discount Orlando theme park tickets, and before you know it, you’ll be escaping the winter cold in style.


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