Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Join the Pin Craze at Walt Disney World

There have been quite a few toy crazes in the last decade. Remember those talking Elmos? Or those you-had-to-have-them electronic pets? Now, crazes are usually more restricted to the latest cell phone or iPhone, but at Walt Disney World, people still go crazy to collect a very simple, low-tech item – pins. However, this isn’t your average toy craze that kids jump on like a bandwagon. A well-respected hobby at Walt Disney World since 1999, everyone from young children to senior citizens loves to acquire and trade new Disney pins in the hopes of developing a good collection.

A tradition at Disney World that’s going on ten years old, pin trading provides guests and Disney lovers a whole new way to enjoy the parks and have fun. Disney has launched thousands of pins over the years, each with their own unique design and story, and pin traders go crazy when there’s any opportunity to collect a special new pin. However, pin trading can merely be a fun addition to your usual theme park experience, and you can always simply trade for pins that you like or that are aesthetically pleasing, as opposed to trying to track down rare or valuable pins like more serious collectors.

Pins generally start at $7 and are available at several shops throughout Walt Disney World, especially at Disney’s Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. This expansive pin-trading spot hosts the biggest assortment of pins in Walt Disney World. Starter sets are also available to get you going, featuring a uniquely theme pin trading lanyard and four Disney pins.

Once you’ve amassed a collection, however, you can also acquire new pins by trading with any Disney cast members that are wearing a pin trading lanyard. Each member has their own collection of pins along with new or special edition pins that are distributed to them randomly each night. A guest can trade with each cast member for up to two pins each day.

And in addition to trading with cast members and other guests, pin trading events are another great way to add new pins to your collection. Disney’s Contemporary Resort hosts Pin Trading nights every so often, with one coming up on January 23rd from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Resort’s Convention Center in the Ballroom of the Americas. The next Pin Trading Night after that will be on February 20th.

Here are a few guidelines to make pin trading more fun. First, it’s a big etiquette no-no to touch another person’s pins; simply ask to have a closer look. Also, a Disney pin must be made out of metal and have a Disney copyright on its back. You can’t trade pins for money, though you can, of course, purchase them at a Disney store. And finally, kids ages 3 through 12 can enjoy some special pin trading by seeking out a cast member with a green lanyard. These cast members are only allowed to trade with kids and have unique pins to offer.

So if you think you’ve tried everything Walt Disney World has to offer, dive into the world of the pin collectors for a new level of Disney fun. A great way to connect with cast members and other guests, pin collecting and trading is definitely one craze that enhances your Disney World experience. If you want to begin your own collection and start trading, there’s nothing like hitting the parks; check out discount Disney tickets at in order to take the first step into pin mania. But beware – you might get hooked.


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