Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Space Mountain Will Get Makeover

It’s the time of year when many Walt Disney World attractions get a little spring-cleaning. For example, the big Mickey Mouse hat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios got an extensive spit-shine recently, and the Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom is closed temporarily while President-elect Obama is added and some fine-tuning is made to the technology. And now added to the list of attractions receiving a freshener is Space Mountain; Disney announced recently that the beloved Disney icon will be shut down this Spring for a multiple-month refurbishment that is sure to make the 34-year-old ride better than ever.

Space Mountain has been a popular Magic Kingdom attraction ever since its opening on January 15, 1975, only about four years after the park itself opened. The roller coaster thrills riders by taking them through a series of sharp twists, turns, and drops in the dark. And on April 17th, the ride will be closed temporarily and reopened later in the year for a slight makeover. A specific reopening date hasn’t yet been set, but it’s safe to say the attraction will be closed through the summer and very likely through most of 2009.

Rumors have been buzzing among Disney fans for years that Space Mountain was going to get an upgrade, especially after Disneyland in Anaheim completed a two-year overhaul of the attraction. However, hardcore Space Mountain lovers will be happy to know that the changes being made to Orlando’s Space Mountain won’t be anything too drastic.

“We’re retaining many of the classic elements that made Space Mountain a rite of passage at the Magic Kingdom that’s been enjoyed by generations,” said Disney spokesperson Andrea Finger.

Most of the construction work will involve installing a new track inside the coaster. The actual track layout, however, will stay virtually the same, and the ride will retain its classic shape. Other upgrades include a new enclosure for the ride’s queue and a new interior ceiling. This will be the attraction’s first “refreshment,” as Disney calls it, since September 1999.

Space Mountain is certainly an iconic figure in Magic Kingdom; located at all five Disney parks around the world, each attraction features that famous white dome façade, though each ride is vastly different. Orlando’s Space Mountain is the original, giving it a special place in the heart of Disney fans. The roller coaster plunges riders into the darkness of space, providing unique thrills that result from not knowing where the ride will plunge you next.

Be sure to stop by Magic Kingdom before April 17th to get your fill of this classic ride before it closes for the summer! All you need are discount Disney tickets at DWTickets.com, and you’ll be set to blast, twist, and turn into outer space at Space Mountain.


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