Monday, January 05, 2009

Stay Fit with Seminars at Walt Disney World Marathon

Even though the Walt Disney World Marathon is already booked to capacity, meaning there’s no more room for participants, that doesn’t mean that guests of Walt Disney World can’t learn a thing or two about fitness during the jam-packed Marathon weekend. From January 8th through 10th, Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex will play host to the Health and Fitness Expo, which will feature celebrity runner appearances, plenty of running and fitness equipment, and most significantly, the Walt Disney World Marathon Seminar Series. It’s a great opportunity to get the skinny (no pun intended) from experts in fitness and nutrition.

More than two dozen topical sessions, ranging from 30 to 45 minutes long, will be offered during the three-day Health and Fitness Expo, which begins on Thursday at 12:30 pm. One of the day’s highlights includes a presentation at 2:45 by former 10,000 and 20,000-meter world record holder and Mexican Olympian Arturo Barrios. Thursday will also feature great fitness information for kids, with Cigna’s Healthy Kids Challenge Chef presentation at 3:45 and a Making It Fun For the Kids presentation from world-class coach Kevin Hanson and his 10-year-old daughter Samantha at 4:45 pm. Thursday’s presentations will conclude around 6 pm with an hour long session from Disney Marathon Race Director Jon Hughes, who’ll wrap up the day by covering tips and information about this 2009’s running events.

Friday’s seminars will kick off at 11 am with a discussion of ChiRunning and ChiWalking, revolutionary forms of running and walking blended with T’ai Chi, presented by creator Danny Dreyer. Hughes will again wrap up the schedule with a session beginning at 4:45.

The series will end on Saturday after another riveting day of presentations beginning at 11 am with 1972 Olympian Jeff Galloway. Galloway will give key tips on how to run a personal best. Hughes and Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray will close the series with a session at 3:15 pm.

Each day of the Expo will feature roughly 8 to 12 sessions, and each session will feature a Q& A session, giving audience members a chance to pick the brains of these fitness and nutrition stars. Best yet, there’s no additional charge to hear the seminar series; to attend, guests need only pay the admission charge of the Wide World of Sports Complex, which is $12.75 for adults and $10 for children ages 9 and under. The seminar series will take place in the Milk House Upper Court, and TV and radio race commentator Creigh Kelley will host.

The Walt Disney World Marathon Seminar Series is one-of-a-kind opportunity to hear writers, coaches, record-holders, and Olympians talk about their experiences and give unique advice and information. So while you’re heading to the Disney theme parks to see your favorite spectators, do take some time to hear fitness wisdom from the experts. With their help, you might just find yourself a little more ready and willing to run the Marathon next year!


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