Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Unleash Your Inner Secret Agent at Epcot

In the Emmy-Award winning animated series Kim Possible, Kim is your average teenage girl…unless you count the fact that when she’s not going to school and dealing with typical adolescent problems, Kim is a vigilante/crime fighter battling the evil villains of the world. Along with her sidekick Ron Stoppable and her genius equipment provider Wade, Kim fights evildoers with an array of gadgets and high style butt kicking. And soon, Disney guests will be able to join Kim on adventures at Walt Disney World with the opening of the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure at Disney's Epcot later this January.

Inspired by the Kim Possible series, this new interactive attraction will put Disney guests in the driver’s seat of their own wild crime-fighting adventure throughout seven of the World Showcase pavilions. Guests will become secret agents and team up with members of Team Possible as they save the world from various comical villains and their crazy inventions.

Using the latest Verizon technology, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure employs official “Kimmunicators,” which are provided to guests at kiosks throughout Epcot. This interactive, handheld device is designed to help secret agents through their mission, allowing them to connect with a variety of Kim Possible characters. Using the devices, guests will be able to uncover clues and control top-secret equipment hidden inside the World Showcase pavilions.

Each pavilion (which includes Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Japan, France, and United Kingdom) will feature a different mission featuring a unique event for secret agents to take part in. Epcot crime fighters will also encounter a different super villain from the series at each pavilion, such as the evil Doctor Drakkan, the comical kung fu megalomaniac Monkey Fist, and the Scottish kilt-wearing golf player, Duff Killigan.

“Disney’s Kim Possible Showcase is an exciting new experience that offers fun and excitement for the entire family,” said Jim MacPhee, Vice President of Epcot. “We are constantly exploring new ways to provide immersive experiences to Epcot guests, and this new offering will add to our dynamic portfolio.”

The Kim Possible Showcase Adventure is unique among Disney attractions in that it’s spread out over Epcot and not located in one place, allowing secret agents to take their time and enjoy saving the “world” as a group; this distinctive design is sure to bring a new level of fun and excitement to a day at Epcot. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the crime fighting action when the Kim Possible Showcase Adventure opens on January 28th. And like any savvy secret agent, get your discount Disney tickets here at Just think of us as the Wade to your Kim Possible!


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