Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where to Watch the Big Game in Orlando

Sports fans everywhere (and generally anyone with testosterone) are undoubtedly eagerly awaiting the big game this upcoming weekend, also known as the Super Bowl. And for those down here on vacation, figuring out where to watch the game might be a conundrum, especially if you’re used to enjoying it with pals at home, plenty of alcoholic beverages, and food. Thankfully, though, Orlando has no shortage of places where you can enjoy a Super Bowl party atmosphere that will rival anything you could have cooked up back home.

One easy place to go to is Universal CityWalk, one of Orlando’s biggest destinations for dining and entertainment. And you can guarantee that plenty of eyes will be set on the big game at the Nascar Sports Grille and NBA City. Don’t be fooled by their names; though NASCAR and NBA might be the sport of emphasis at these restaurant/bars, each place plays homage to all the major sports. The big game will be on the big screens at Nascar Sports Grille, and at NBA City, you can reserve a table for Super Bowl viewing. Better yet, you can even rent a private VIP room for an all-out Super Bowl party and invite 25 to 800 of your closest friends.

And over at Walt Disney World, the best place to watch the game is most likely the ESPN Club at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, a restaurant, bar, arcade, and shop similar to ESPN Zones found throughout the US. More than 100 video monitors here will ensure that you won’t miss a minute of the big game, with a 90-square-foot HD projection screen in the main dining room and several TV monitors installed in the bathrooms. Be sure to arrive early for all the Super Bowl action, as the fans pack the seats in droves here.

If you find the ESPN Club too full though, the All-Star CafĂ© at Disney’s Wide World of Sports is another good sports spot, especially if you plan to take the kids. The whole family can enjoy the game from 20 big screens while they enjoy classic American fare like burgers, buffalo wings, and chicken quesadillas.

Outside of the theme parks, one of the most popular places to watch big games is T.G.I. Friday’s Front Row, located a mile away from the Orange County Convention Center on International Drive. Not your average Fridays, Front Row features two stories of non-stop sports action, with over 140 televisions, a state-of-the-art game room, free wireless internet, and private banquet rooms. And on Sunday, the restaurant will host Orlando’s biggest Super Bowl party at 6 pm, featuring a packed buffet with plenty of beer and wine, and prizes and giveaways all night long. Be sure to call or email for a reservation if you plan to attend.

Finally, for a more laid-back Super Bowl experience, Miller’s Ale House is a casual and comfortable place to watch the game. There are eleven locations throughout Central Florida to choose from, and you can book early to get reserved seating. With an all-you-can-eat buffet, open bar, and prizes and raffles throughout the game, Miller’s will definitely be a popular spot to watch the game.

With so many places for sports fans to reunite, a Super Bowl party in Orlando isn’t hard to find – the only hard part is deciding which one you want to attend. No matter where you go, you’re sure to have a great Super Bowl Sunday.


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