Monday, February 09, 2009

Be an American Idol or See One at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Fans of the hit reality show American Idol will have a new reason to make a special trip over to Walt Disney World this week. Not only is the American Idol Experience opening to Disney guests on February 14 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but more than twenty American Idol stars will be attending a special premiere of the new attraction, which holds its own search for the best singers in the country right inside the park’s ABC Theater.

The invitation-only premiere on Thursday, February 12, will feature American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, current winner David Cook, and former winners Jordin Sparks, Taylor Hicks, and Carrie Underwood. Past contestants David Archuleta, Bo Bice, and Justin Guarini, and other American Idol favorites will also be on hand for the festivities. The lineup may change and expand to include more guests as the premiere draws closer.

Earlier that day, before the park even opens, Cook will be doing a live segment for ABC’s Good Morning America in front of the Experience theater near Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat. It’s a closed set, so fans will unfortunately have to catch it on the small screen. However, theme park guests should still make plans to visit the park that day, as they’ll get to see the Idol family during a special motorcade at 4:30 pm. It will be the largest-ever gathering of prior Idol winners and finalists before they all head off to a press event that evening.

And while you’re waiting to see your favorite American Idol crooners and contestants, be sure to check a sneak peek of the American Idol Experience, which is in a soft opening phase until its debut on Saturday. The attraction features Disney guests competing on stage for the coveted Dream Ticket, which takes them straight to the front of the line at an actual American Idol regional audition.

Guests can either audition for the American Idol Experience or be in the audience during one of seven preliminary shows throughout the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Each show features three contestants displaying their singing chops, along with three judges and a host. There’s also plenty of fun American Idol footage featuring David Cook, Jordin Sparks, and others. The winner of each preliminary show goes on to compete in a talent-filled final show every day at 7 pm.

If you plan to try your hand at the American Idol Experience, head to Studio 2B, as it’s called, at the American Idol Experience theater early in the morning. There, you’ll sing a 30-90 second snippet a capella for a Disney casting director, who’ll decide whether you have the star potential to get a second audition. If you do, you’ll be sent to the “red room,” where guests can practice for their second audition with a Disney iPod featuring 100 different songs and lyrics.

After some prep time, guests go through a second audition, this time with music, in front of the American Idol Experience producer. This room has a TV screen with lyrics, so performers never have to worry about memorizing the words. If the producer likes your tune, you’ll then receive star treatment with a hair and makeup session and a training session with a voice coach before heading off to the Experience stage for a preliminary show.

So whether you want to walk in the footsteps of an American Idol or catch a glimpse of one, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the place to be this week. Don’t wait to get your Walt Disney World tickets from so you can cash in on all the American Idol excitement.


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