Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beat the Rainy Day Blues with Indoor Dinner Shows

Occasionally, Florida’s green and sunshine-lit landscape does turn murky, and those bright skies turn a bleak gray. Sometimes, as it happens every so often in Florida, you might even find that it rains while the sun is high in the sky. Regardless, when the weather isn’t ideal for romping around Orlando theme parks, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Rainy days are perfect for catching a different kind of popular attraction, the dinner show. And with three incredible Orlando shows to choose from in particular, you’ll discover that there’s no such thing as melancholy weather in this city.

First up is the Pirate Dinner Adventure, which will take you out of the rain outside and into a watery adventure on the high seas. From the moment they enter the lagoon and climb on a pirate ship, guests are literally part of the show as they interact with the crew in pirate games, songs, and challenges. One of the most unique dinner shows in Orlando, Pirate Dinner Adventure dazzles nightly with swordplay, aerial artists, and acrobatics, as well as a colorful swashbuckling tale. And after partying with the pirates, you’ll wine and dine on a hearty meal served by the Pirate’s accommodating wait staff.

Or for something more traditional, experience a tried and true classic with the Medieval Times dinner show. Celebrating its 25th year in the US, Medieval brings the past to life every night with a merry show of medieval revelry, tradition, and competitions. Audience members will feel like royalty as they watch jousts on horseback from the comfort of stadium seating. You’ll be caught up in the excitement as you root for your favorite knight while he attempts to win the heart of the princess. And as you take in all the pageantry, you’ll enjoy a feast fit for kings including roast chicken, spare ribs, and more.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with Orlando’s #1 dinner show, Arabian Nights, which delights audiences with a one-of-a-kind show filled with fantasy, romance, and adventure, not to mention some of the most magnificent horses you’ll ever see. Taking place in a 140,000 square-foot equestrian arena – climate controlled, we might add – you’ll be amazed as expert riders perform incredible feats and tell a story of epic proportions.

Arabian Nights tells the story of Princess Scheherazade, who is celebrating her birthday. However, the plot thickens when an unexpected party guest arrives. Love will battle to overcome evil in this classic tale featuring plenty of magic, stunning sets and costumes, and the mysterious Black Stallion. While all the action is happening on the arena floor, you’ll also dine on an excellent three-course feast.

So when the weather outside gets frightful, don’t hole up in your hotel room; instead, enjoy the indoor delights of one of the Orlando dinner shows. They’ll far surpass anything you would have watched on TV. And remember to save on your Arabian, pirate, or medieval merriments with discount dinner show tickets at DWTickets.com.


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