Monday, April 27, 2009

Get Closer to Your Favorite Animals with SeaWorld Tours

If you want to go get up close and personal with marine animals, go behind the scenes to meet a penguin, and plunge into the realm of the shark, chances are that a regular trip to SeaWorld Orlando just isn’t going to do it for you. But don’t fret! Those who want to experience the Orlando theme park in a truly unique way can try one of SeaWorld’s brand new tours. Perfect for those who have seen and done everything at the park or want a truly memorable trip out of their visit, these new 2009 tours blend adventure and education into an amazing day of fun with the animals.

First, there’s nothing like getting a close look at the inner workings of SeaWorld on the Behind-the-Scenes Tour. On the tour, guests will visit SeaWorld’s Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, explore a polar bear’s hidden den, come inches away from a penguin, and interact with a small shark. Best yet, ten percent of each tour admission is donated to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

For dolphin and penguin fans, SeaWorld offers the Dolphin Spotlight and the Penguin Spotlight tours. The first offers the opportunity to learn from SeaWorld’s animal care specialists about what it’s like to work with dolphins. Guests will go backstage to the Whale & Dolphin Stadium and witness training sessions with the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Then they’ll get to practice what they saw at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Cove during a special training session.

During the Penguin Spotlight, guests will meet some of SeaWorld’s amazing puffins and penguins. They’ll learn about caring for these amazing birds from aviculture experts while exploring SeaWorld’s Penguin Encounter.

And for extra special visitors to SeaWorld, there’s the VIP Tour and the Elite VIP Tour. On the former, guests will embark on exhilarating thrill rides, enjoy spectacular shows and find out what it’s like to feed dolphins, sting rays, and sea lions. They’ll even get close to everyone’s favorite killer whale during Dine with Shamu, a poolside lunch.

On the Elite VIP tour, similar fun abounds with Manta, SeaWorld’s new flying coaster set to open May 22. Guests will get splashed by an 11,000 pound whale, encounter amazing animals, and meet a tuxedo clad penguin. The day finishes with dinner at the Sharks Underwater Grill.

But that’s not all; SeaWorld also offers Animal Connection Programs, which offer incredible opportunities to interact with amazing animals and experience up-close encounters. There’s the Beluga Interaction Program, which allows guests to step into the Wild Arctic’s chilly 55 degree water and come face-to-face with the beluga whale, and the Sharks Deep Dive, which puts guests into a wet suit and a Sea Trek helmet and plunges them underwater for a close encounter with more than 30 sharks.

All these amazing tours and programs require an additional ticket and can be reserved via SeaWorld’s website. However, SeaWorld admission isn’t included in that ticket and is required. So if you want to experience SeaWorld in a whole new way while saving money, be sure to visit for discount SeaWorld tickets. And check out the park’s behind-the-scenes adventures and animal encounters for an adventure you’ll never forget.


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