Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Save the Piggy Banks at Epcot

At Epcot, the Innoventions Plaza is where guests of Walt Disney World can step into the future with incredicle exhibits displaying the latest in scientific and technological innovations. But that's not to say that visitors to Innoventions won't discover a few things there that they can use today. At a new exhibit, for example, guests will learn a lesson we can all benefit from these days - the importance of saving and managing money responsibly.

This new interactive exhibit, sponsored by the global investment management organization T. Rowe Price, is called The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, and it will put families to the test when it comes to basic savings and investing with a series of fun and educational games.

"At INNOVENTIONS, our focus is on encouraging guests to imagine, incent, inquire, and inspire while exploring amazing innovations that make our lives better. The Great Piggy Bank Adventure will give our visitors a better insight into what it means to save and invest in an innovative and enagaging manner," said Dan Cockerell, Vice President of Epcot.

"Empowering parents to initiate discussion of the topics of saving and investing with their children is more important than ever before," added Edward C. Bernard, vice chairman of T. Rowe Price Group. "Financial awareness and decision-making is heavily influenced by one's early experiences, making vibrant family discussion a powerful and lifelong educational influence that can help children develop sound financial values and habits. In watching families during play-testing of the exhibit, it has been rewarding to see how The Great Piggy Bank Adventure engages families in a unique way and really does get the conversation started."

In The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, guests will play interactive games where they'll guide large plastic piggy banks through a series of video challenges designed to teach financial lessons. They'll be assisted by a talking piggy bank as they address four key financial themes, which include setting goals, saving and spending smartly, staying ahead of inflation, and diversifying your investments.

When guests head home, they'll even be able to continue the lesson with an online game from T. Rowe that's designed to be paired with the Innoventions exhibit. Planning on the exhibit actually began over three years ago between Epcot Business Development and Walt Disney Imagineers.

We bet you never thought that talking about saving and investing could be fun, but at the Great Piggy Bank Adventure, families will join together to save the piggy bank in a captivating and entertaining way. If you haven't stopped by Innoventions in a while, brush up on the latest developments and be sure to pay a visit to the Great Piggy Bank Adventure. Before you've even begun your financial education at the exhibit, you can already start spending smart by checking out the discount Walt Disney World tickets on


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