Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration Blasts off in Tomorrowland

Only one Disney character can bring musical madness, wacky wizardry, and futuristic fun to Walt Disney World, and that’s a fuzzy alien named Experiment 626. Also known as the “Guru of Gross-Out,” “the Maker of Mischief,” or just plain “Stitch,” this fuzzy extraterrestrial is now starring in his own live show at Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. A new, high-energy, retro-futuristic music video dance party, this galactic spectacle debuted on May 6 with dazzling dance moves and comedic quips. And Stitch is inviting everyone to come party and celebrate along.

At the Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland, guests will join in an interactive experience where the outdoor stage comes alive with music, dancing, and real-time animation. The 25-minute show begins when a live broadcast of the Tomorrowland News Network, with your host Tip Trendo and the Galactic Girls, is interrupted by a mysterious video transmission. To everyone’s surprise, the cut up from Lilo & Stitch appears on screen via a giant LED screen and kicks off a Galaxy Day celebration of fun and surprises.

Audiences will laugh along as Tip and the Galactic Girls get to know Stitch, who’s “borrowed” a space cruiser. But this show isn’t a passive experience for the audience – they’ll talk and interact with Stitch too, who appears live on screen using the same real-time technology that appears in “Turtle Talk with Crush” and the “Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.” Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration will offer a different show every time as Stitch picks out members of the audiences, snaps their photograph, and leads the crowd in a playful dialogue.

Whether Stitch is commenting on the clothes audience members are wearing or asking them questions, guests will feel like part of the show during Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration. And while Stitch cracks up the crowd, Tip and the girls will entertain with some space-age dance moves to original songs and classic grooves. They’ll even have some company on stage in the form of two malfunctioning, breakdancing robots, sent courtesy of one Mr. Stitch.

“Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration’ immerses Tomorrowland guests into Stitch’s whimsical world using real-time animation technology,” said Kristine Bunnell, show producer for Walt Disney World Entertainment. “And during this year’s ‘What Will You Celebrate?’ our show gives guests another reason to party."

Stitch’s SuperSonic Celebration will take place six times daily at Magic Kingdom. And if you’re hankering for more Stitch-flavored fun, be sure to check out the Stitch’s Great Escape attraction at Magic Kingdom, where the mischievous blue alien attempts to escape from the outer space authorities.

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