Monday, June 08, 2009

Can You Smile for 67 Days?

If you think you might be able to flash your pearly whites for 67 days straight (with some pauses in between, of course), then the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. (Orlando CVB) has a mission for you.

In conjunction with its new global marketing campaign, “Orlando Makes Me Smile,” the Orlando CVB is looking for two people with great grins to experience one smiles-packed Orlando vacation. Over the course of 67 days, the two lucky winners will experience every single one of the more than 100 attractions available in Orlando. Meanwhile, they’ll share their daily adventures with a global audience via social media outlets and media interviews.

“There are clearly a lot of frowns throughout the world because of the economic downturn,” said Danielle Courtenay, Orlando CVB Chief Marketing Officer. “We want an engaging pair of people who you can’t help but smile along with as you follow their Orlando tale of some of the best vacation experiences in the world. You don’t have to have a perfect smile to apply – just a ‘smiling’ personality and outlook on life."

During their 67-day trek around the city, the winning pair will live in a two-bedroom condo in Downtown Orlando. They’ll be given cell phones, digital video and still cameras, a Dollar Rent A Car, and even $25,000 to cover living expenses back home. And as for their daily itinerary, the duo will visit every kind of attraction in Orlando, with their fun and varied experiences including everything from rollercoaster riding at Universal Studios to swimming with dolphins at SeaWorld and gator wrestling at Gatorland. They’ll also golf, have a spa day, explore museums, go to the theatre, dine, and much more.

The “67 Days of Smiles” will begin this year in late August and end in early November. The Orlando CVB is conducting its search now for the lucky pair of partners who’ll make their way around Orlando’s theme parks and attractions.

Both people in the pair must be over 21 and pairs can be any combination of friends, family, spouses, or co-workers. To enter the contest, pairs must complete a personal profile, submit 500 words in English on why their smiles should be chosen, and upload a 60 seconds or less video in English of both applicants along with photos at by June 30. The winners will be notified in late July.

The contest is particularly looking for adventurous couples willing to try everything from skydiving to high-speed racing with a penchant for good storytelling and fun personalities.

However, if you don’t think you fit the qualifications (in other words, if jumping out of a plane doesn’t sound like fun to you), you can still enjoy a great Orlando vacation for 67 days, 67 hours, or however long as you like. Simply check out the Walt Disney World tickets and Universal Studios tickets, among other great offerings, at and get your smile on.


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