Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Disney World Lovers Will Love the New Disney Netpal Laptop

Perfectly in time for the upcoming holiday season, Disney has teamed up with computer company Asus to create a compact laptop just for kids – the Disney Netpal. Perfect for Walt Disney World lovers and those looking for a unique spin on the traditional children’s laptop, the Disney Netpal will provide an all-Disney interface which children and parents will both love!

Disney characters and parental control galore, these laptops will be a hit for young children to tweens. The all-Disney interface will feature the Windows XP Home addition with added Disney features. For example, Tinkerbell will swoop down to let you know you have e-mail, Mickey and Minnie will speak any error or computer system reminders, and a 2D “gadget tray” that will display all of the applications for the computer as the young Little Mermaid Ariel displays her gismos and gadgets in the classic movie (think, a Little Mermaid-esque Windows Start menu). On top of that, the computer will have plenty of Disney-developed applications, including a Disney Mix where you can listen to music and Disney Pix where you can store and upload photos. Disney Pix will not only allow you to do simple photo tasks, such as re-coloring and resizing, but there will be a cool feature where users can insert their faces onto bobbleheads that can dance, move, and more! Plus, not to mention, the streaming real-time music of Disney Radio that will be available for kids to listen to, play games with, and even request songs to be played!

Parents will love these laptops that have been created for mainly the age 6-12 demographic. The laptops come in two colors, Princess Pink and Magic Blue. The desktops of the laptops can be customized to feature your children’s favorite Disney stars, characters, singers, and more. But, parents will go crazy for the control and safety features available on the laptops. Parents have full control with over 40 content regulation options, including safe web-browsing and email correspondence features. The laptops have also been designed with liquid-proof keyboards and a ShockShield, for any falling and dropping accidents that are likely to occur with children.

The Disney Netpal MK90 will be sold exclusively at Toys “R” US and the Disney Netpal MK90H will be released through other computer selling portals. With 1GB of memory, an Intel ATOM N270 processor, built in Wi-Fi, and three USB terminals…I think we know what some lucky 6-12 year olds will be getting for the holidays this winter! Maybe if parents are lucky, their children will let them use these cool laptops to search the web for their annual trip to Walt Disney World with discount Disney tickets from


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