Friday, June 05, 2009

Pixar Mascot is Coming to Walt Disney World

If you’ve seen beloved Disney-Pixar films like Toy Story, Cars, and Monsters, Inc., then you probably know about a little lamp named Luxo Jr. Known as the mascot of Pixar Animation Studios and the main character in Pixar’s very first short firm in 1986, Luxo Jr. is a rambunctious little desk lamp who loves to play with colorful bouncing balls – no matter what size they are. And now, Luxo Jr. will be coming to Walt Disney World, where’ll he’ll interact with park guests, move around, and maybe even hop just like he does in the famous Pixar short.

Disney recently confirmed that a 6-foot-tall animatronic version of little Luxo will soon make its home in the Pixar Place area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He’ll appear on an elevated platform at the “Lighting” building located across from Toy Story Mania!

Rumors circulated for months about the possibility of Luxo Jr.’s arrival at the park and sprung into overdrive when construction walls were built around the Lighting building, yielding the view of what is probably the little aluminum lamp’s outline. As Disney’s newest animatronic creation to be featured at Walt Disney World, Luxo Jr. will be part of Disney’s Living Character Initiative, which has also produced the live Remy currently at Epcot’s France pavilion and past characters like Animal Kingdom’s Lucky the Dinosaur and Epcot’s Mobile Muppet Lab.

“He’s going to come out and do some little shows,” said Roger Gould, creative director for theme parks at Pixar, to the Orlando Sentinel. “He’ll be out there throughout the day and through the evening.”

Though Luxo Jr. will certainly become a famous figure when he awakens at the park, the spirited desk lamp has actually been featured in every Pixar film and short film since Toy Story during the film’s introduction and at the end of the credits. In the company’s production logo, Luxo hops in from the right, stops next to the ‘I’ in Pixar, and bounces on it until he’s completely squashed it. And if you keep your eyes peeled, Luxo’s colorful ball can also be seen in several Pixar films, including the latest, Up.

Luxo Jr. will make his debut at Hollywood Studios in late June/early July, and you can expect that he’ll be the hit of the Disney theme park. If you’ve never had the opportunity to interact with one of Disney’s incredibly lifelike and entertaining animatronic figures, then you’ll definitely want to plan a special visit to Hollywood Studios; it’s one of Disney’s most special and unique experiences. Start planning your meeting with Luxo by scoping out the Walt Disney World tickets on


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