Monday, July 06, 2009

Obama - The New President in “The Hall”

This July 4th weekend, Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom celebrated the re-opening of the Hall of Presidents with the “inauguration” of our 44th president, Barack Obama, into the attraction. The concept of change, popular during our president’s campaign, was not one ignored by Disney Imagineers. After closing last October to begin renovations and the add President Obama to the historical lineup, guests of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will now be treated to a brand new technologically-advanced experience.

Working with brand new audio-visual and “Audio-Animatronic” technology, the Imagineers revamped the 23 minute long attraction to represent a new era in American history. The Hall of Presidents, which educates visitors about the good and bad times of our country’s past through an educational video and narrations by animatronic figures of past presidents, features a new video presentation narrated by actor Morgan Freeman. Along with the figure of the first black president, Barack Obama, The Hall of Presidents now includes a speech by our nation’s first president, George Washington.

President Obama was actively involved in his participation with the Hall of Presidents team. Videos of Obama recording his voice-over work from the White House can be found on various internet sites and the president’s thoughts on the American dream, as well as the audio of his presidential oath, will be featured in the updated presentation.

The realism of the Obama figure is thanks to the director of sculpting at Disney Imagineering, Valerie Edwards. The 21 year veteran is the apprentice of Disney legend Blaine Gibson, the man responsible for sculpting most of the figures in the Hall of Presidents. Edwards studied hundreds of photos and hours of video in order to capture ever physical attribute and nuance of our president’s look and personality.

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