Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paradiso 37 Brings Street Food to Downtown Disney

Disney is full of numbers. There are 101 Dalmations, Club 33, D23 and now at Downtown Disney, Paradiso 37. Since the closing of the Pleasure Island clubs last year, many wonder what will be the fate of the Downtown Disney area. The Marketplace has a great draw thanks to the incredible shopping options it offers Disney fanatics, but on the other side of the center is the void created by the closing of the Pleasure Island dance clubs.

Raglan Road, a delicious Irish restaurant, is the one of the quieter area’s saving graces, but now with Paradiso 37, it’s obvious the west side of Downtown Disney is slowly coming back to life. Located opposite the Harley Davidson store, Paradiso 37 offers the best street food inspired cuisine from all of the American continents; North, South and Central. In keeping with the numbers theme, they feature an incredible tequila bar with 37 varieties of tequila from across the globe. For the margarita lovers, the restaurant boasts ten different varieties, with the mango margarita as their signature drink.

The food selections are inspired by 37 different countries in the Americas. The menu has a wide range of options from American macaroni and cheese to El Salvadorian pupusas, so you’re sure to enjoy your own culinary journey in the restaurant’s airy atmosphere. We love to start off our meal with the Queso Fundido, a delicious pot of the chef’s special melted cheeses flavored with cilantro and chiles. Have your cheese with either warm flour tortillas or crispy tortilla chips. For your main course, a great choice for a big appetite is the Paradiso 37 Surf and Turf. Enjoy grilled BBQ shrimp and Argentinean skirt steak served with corn on the cob and street style potato pancakes. Last but not least, a great dessert to try is the Paradiso 37 sundae. Beautifully presented in a fresh coconut shell, this sundae brings vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams with chocolate dipped bananas. This sinful sundae is topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, whipped cream and the quintessential cherry. Lunch and Dinner menus are available from the restaurant as well as a large alcohol menu.

The interior is fun and colorful with a great patio seating option that lets you look out at the rest of Downtown Disney and its shimmering lake. Everything is presented with its own flair, from the bubble glasses you get with your water to the colorful furniture and tequila bottle chandeliers overhead. It’s a great place to settle down after a long day of shopping at the Downtown Disney Marketplace and enjoy the various live entertainment Paradiso 37 plans to have every night. This is a great start to reviving the wonderful entertainment, dining and shopping complex that is Downtown Disney.


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