Friday, July 17, 2009

Satisfy Your Junk Food Fix in the Parks

Working up an appetite in Orlando theme parks is easy. After hours of waiting in line and walking from one end of the park to another, you’ll surely want a nice meal and a break. If you’re in the parks during the hot Florida summers, then you’ll most definitely want to sit down in the air-conditioning—believe me, it gets really hot here! There is rarely time for a fancy sit-down dinner, and after all that activity you need a little bit more fuel than a salad. So here is a small list of our favorite places to grab some junk food at the parks.

A lot of times you’ll see visitors to the parks munching on turkey legs as they walk from one attraction to the other, but we would rather take advantage of the amount of detail put into the d├ęcor of some of the restaurants the parks have to offer. At Universal Studios, check out Mel’s Drive-In, located in the Hollywood section of Universal Studios. This 50’s style diner will send many down memory lane and give 50’s enthusiasts a great place to rest their feet and fill their stomachs. Mel’s offers, you guessed it, diner food. Milkshakes, burgers and chili-cheese fries are all available along with the classic root beer float.

If you’re looking for a more fulfilling restaurant experience, we love heading to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, located in Universal’s CityWalk. The menu here is more extensive compared to the restaurants inside the park, and therefore healthier options are available for those watching their waistlines. But if you aren’t, then feel free to indulge in the Cheeseburger in Paradise. Named after Buffet’s famous song, this has to be my favorite burger in the Orlando area. Feel free to sing along to the music playing in the background as your Heinz 57 on your burger.

As for dining in the House of Mouse, there are two locations we always have to go when in the Walt Disney World Resort. Our “old faithful” location in the Magic Kingdom has to be Casey’s Corner on Main Street. This Main Street classic is a baseball-themed restaurant that highlights the glory days of America’s past time. It’s great to check out the classic baseball-themed cartoons on the bleachers with younger members of the group as well. No matter what we do when visiting Disney World with our families, we have to stop at Casey’s. If we don’t make it for lunch, then it’s the last thing we do before getting back to the hotel. There is nothing fancy about their hot dogs, but who needs fancy when they’re so good?

Hopefully you’ve worked up a craving for these classic eats after reading the blog. Make sure you keep them in mind when you’re heading out to the parks with your discount Disney tickets and your Universal Studios tickets.


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