Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Water Parks a Hit this Summer in Orlando

Orlando water parks are experiencing a great influx of visitors this summer. Many of the parks have been operating at full capacity. So what does this mean for you? Long lines and sold out tickets are a possibility, so we recommend purchasing your water park tickets in advance to make sure you aren’t left out. Orlando has a number of water parks to choose from, so make sure you check out DWTickets.com for the best discount Orlando water park tickets.

Aquatica is the newest water park to open up in the Orlando area. This beautiful park is part of the SeaWorld Orlando family and tries to combine the water park experience with the beautiful marine life of the SeaWorld family. Brightly colored and influenced by the art of the South Pacific, Aquatica features animal mascots from Australia and New Zealand. The attractions are like most water parks but with a Sea World twist. You have your wave pools and lazy rivers, but at Aquatica you’ll also get special rides like the Dolphin Plunge. The slides everyone is talking about, the Dolphin Plunge consists of two side-by-side enclosed tubes that send you through a pool of black and white Commerson dolphins—it’s great for dolphin lovers! If you love water rapids, check out Roa’s Rapids for an inner-tube adventure through rising tides, crashing waves and swirling waters. Surfers will love Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores, two huge wave pools with various wave strengths. It’s great for kids and adults!

Over in the Walt Disney World Resort, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are the Disney water park offerings. Typhoon Lagoon evokes the feelings of childhood summers jumping into lakes off of a tire swing. The original Walt Disney World water park, Typhoon Lagoon offers the usual waterslides and wave pools, but the crowd favorites are Shark Reef and Surf Pool. At Shark Reef you can either snorkel or scuba dive with a variety of tropical fish and sharks. At the Surf Pool, learn how to surf and catch waves up to 6 feet high!

Blizzard Beach mixes ski resort imagery with water park fun. It might feel strange to see “snow” and “ski-lifts” as you jump into the pool under the hot Florida sun, but at Blizzard Beach you can do just that. Skip waves in the 1-acre wave pool or hop onto an inner-tube on the Runoff Rapids for a bobsled-like ride down the slide. For those who aren’t scared of heights, check out the Summit Plummit. This 120 feet high, 360 feet long slide is not for the faint of heart, but a favorite of the fearless.

There’s something for every water park fan in Orlando, but make sure to purchase your tickets early!


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