Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guillermo Del Toro Double Dares You

If you’ve seen Hellboy chances are director Guillermo Del Toro is the last guy you’d ever expect to be working on Disney animated films. The comic book film is only one of Del Toro’s dark ventures into the storytelling world. Pan’s Labyrinth which received six Academy Award nominations and a BAFTA for Best Film Not in English was a dark fantasy tale set in Spain during the Spanish Civil War in 1944. Violence and tragedy were naturally a part of this film and its tragic ending is difficult to watch for many.

But a big bit of news concerning this incredible director emerged from the D23 Expo that has everyone in the Disney community talking. Del Toro, who admitted to being a huge Disney fan, has signed on to produce a series of animated horror films as part of a franchise called “Disney Double Dares You.” The Disney Double Dares You (DDDY) world plans to include an entire series of books, merchandise and films that are scary yet appropriate for all ages. The first film is reportedly called Trollhunters but further details have yet to be revealed. Del Toro did say the series of DDDY films would all be tied together by one major film of which Disney fans will be familiar with the subject matter.

Could that one major film be Del Toro’s version of The Haunted Mansion? The popular Disney attraction is apparently the Mexican director’s favorite. He loves how the story of the mansion’s ghouls and grinning ghost inhabitants comes together throughout the ride. While the final movie remains a mystery he plans to do the same with all of these animated projects, books and movies.

With Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel Comics, fans are also buzzing about the possibility of Del Toro getting his hands on the world of legendary Marvel creator Stan Lee. Could Del Toro be bringing some of these Marvel characters to life with his usual dark twist? As more details regarding the Disney Double Dares You project emerge we will get to find out. Make sure you check back with for more news regarding this exciting project.


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