Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harry Potter Details To Be Revealed in Webcast

Ever since The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was announced as the newest addition to Universal Islands of Adventure, Harry Potter fans have been going crazy scouring the net for every detail they could possibly find about what the new island would have in store for them.
As we previously reported, there will be two coasters and a dark ride as a part of the Wizarding World but extensive details have yet to be revealed.

Dueling Dragons is being converted to a Potter-themed ride as is the Flying Unicorn. The backdrop to this island will be Hogwarts Castle and a number of restaurants and shops will be open. There is supposed to be a main attraction inside the castle that will feature brand new “robocoaster” ride system where guests ride in a vehicle controlled by a robotic arm. Other attractions will include Hogsmeade Village and merchandise like chocolate frogs and butterbeer. Fans can expect to see replicas of movie props and locations including the recently revealed Hagrid’s Hut. While the project isn’t scheduled to open until 2010, September will prove to be a very special month for Potter fans who can’t stand to wait any longer for details on what is sure to be a huge hit for Universal Islands of Adventure.

Orlando newspapers and bloggers have been receiving invitations to a special webcast that will broadcast live from Islands of Adventure and feature sneak peeks into what is already completed on this $200 million project. This is going to be a press only event but we’re sure the details will begin to emerge on the internet as soon as it’s over.

Universal is waiting until its main rival, the Disney company, finishes with its big D23 Expo before doing the webcast which is supposed to feature special appearances by people related to the Harry Potter world. What can we expect from the podcast? Considering this will be the first official feature on the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure, we believe full names of attractions and locations will be revealed as well as actual location images and previews for what’s to come for the park’s opening next year. will have the full report on the new details coming soon.


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