Monday, September 28, 2009

Ride Spotlight: Test Track at Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Did you know that Epcot is an acronym for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow?” Aside from the World Showcase Pavilion, Epcot focuses on science and technology, as Walt Disney originally intended the park to be an actual prototype community for futuristic cities back in the earliest days of Epcot’s design. While some Disney fans aren’t keen on Epcot’s educationally focused attractions, they might not even notice how much they’re learning while waiting in line for the popular Test Track attraction.

Sponsored by GM, Test Track is the fourth fastest ride in the Walt Disney family, reaching speeds of up to 64.8 mph. As you wind your way through the queue you learn about vehicle safety and watch robotic demonstrations of crash dummies experiencing various accident situations from being crushed in a vehicle to slamming into a wall. You can also see the inner components of various vehicle parts, which is a must for any car fan. Once you get into the waiting area, you and your fellow guests will get to view a video that shows what your vehicle will experience on the Test Track ride. You, the guest, are the driver of GM’s latest vehicle and will ride it as it goes through tests of heat, cold and corrosive material, swerving and bump tracks before finally launching outdoors for a drive around the track.

This is where you get to experience that 64.8 mph we mentioned earlier as you speed around bank curves of 50 degrees and zoom over hills and turns. Despite not having any inversions or loops, Test Track is surprisingly fast and will give you a great view of the surrounding area once you finish the “initial testing” and your vehicle launches toward the outside track. This ride has the FastPass option available and we recommend you use it. Being near the front of the park and also one of the most popular rides in Epcot, the lines for Test Track can be extremely long. If you’re one of those that loves the Single Riders option on these popular rides, Test Track also has that choice available to you. This is a great ride for both young (as long as they meet the height requirement) and older crowds that want a bit of thrill without feeling terrified. Test Track at Walt Disney World is fun for all.


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