Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Dollar Coins at Disney World

Do you remember when there were $1 coins in the US? Canada has its loonies ($1 CAD) and twonies ($2 CAD) but here in the US we’ve been relying on paper dollars for quite some time now. However, the growing trend of “going green” and changing our habits to be more environmentally friendly has even trickled down to the way we use and make our money. You might be thinking what this has to do with the Orlando theme parks or Walt Disney World Resort we’re always writing about? Well, everything! It’s no secret that the Walt Disney World Resort is keen on conservation efforts. Both Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot are legitimate animal organizations that participate in breeding and rescue efforts. Now the Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot and Magic Kingdom will be teaming up with the US Mint to distribute dollar coins throughout the parks in certain locations.

Dollar bills aren’t as environmentally friendly as coins. These dollar coins are gold in color and feature the image of Sacagwea both on the front and back of the gold-toned (not real gold) coin. On one side she is carrying a child in a papoose with the regular United States logos and on the other side she is harvesting corn, beans and squash in a field. The agricultural theme matches perfectly with the environmental goals that this collaboration with the US Mint is striving toward.

Many people are talking about these coins becoming a collectible, and we all know Disney fans love to collect! From pin trading to special figurines, we love taking advantage of special opportunities. Over at Epcot you can find the special coins in certain locations at the American Adventure in the United States pavilion at the World Showcase. Over in the Magic Kingdom you can find the coins in certain areas of Liberty Square and near the Haunted Mansion. The special coin usage will only be going on until December, so make sure you check out our discount Disney tickets and get to the parks soon!


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