Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Horror Nights Scare Zone a Sneak Peek?

There is only one week of Halloween Horror Nights left. The popular Halloween attraction is in its 19th year of production over at Universal Studios Orlando and it keeps drawing a massive amount of fans every year. Weekend dates sell out quickly since horror fanatics wait all year for this awesome event. This year’s “Ripped from the Silver Screen” event brought back classic horror icons like Chucky, Wolfman, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, Jigsaw and more. With great scare zones, haunted houses and the always fun Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure show which pokes fun at the year’s craziest pop culture moments, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time.

This year’s scare zones featured WW2 zombie soldiers, circus freaks, wandering horror movie icons, contaminated people and the classic chainsaw guys. While the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit wasn’t open for rides when we checked out it, The Simpsons and Revenge of the Mummy were two of the attractions that were open for the night. But we just heard something quite strange from the Orlando theme parks world. Apparently, Halloween Horror Nights just created a brand new scare zone a week before its final days!

Back towards the New York section of Universal Studios, a dark alleyway has been converted into a scare zone. The details are scarce, but the Universal camp posted an ominous message on their Facebook page talking about spooky shadows and creatures of the night. Universal Studios is doing this as a test for fans lucky enough to get a peek at what’s to come for next year’s 20th anniversary event. At times Halloween Horror Nights has been held in Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, but the recent years have seen it at Universal Studios only. As for next year’s theme we’re already hearing wedding bells…could a “’Till Death Do Us Part” theme be in the minds of the Halloween Horror Nights creators? If you went to the event this year make sure you fill out the survey Universal Studios sends you to give your feedback on the event. We’re already psyched for the 20th year of this awesome event in 2010!


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